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Are undfootball360 and http://reachingthesummitpodcast.com/ included in the "News around the web" section on the front page?  Both websites have great info on UND football and basketball, and it would be awesome to easily see when they have new articles out, and with so few outlets covering those sports, the more web traffic they get, the better. 

Just another idea, but a section (maybe in the website footer?) with links to websites or podcasts that cover UND sports would also be amazing, because non hockey info is hard to come by, especially with the grand forks herald's limited "coverage" of those sports.    I do not believe the news section of this website includes these sources either, but maybe that would be the best place for what I mentioned.  I know it takes a lot of time to run this website - these are just some ideas to help those who provide quality content for UND sports.

Making outlets like these two more visible would be beneficial to SS because it could help drive conversation in the message boards.

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