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Pod style game 5-Duluth, and I hate Duluth.


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Just now, brianvf said:

As I said yesterday, I don't see a way that UMD doesn't win the NCHC title if they leave the pod with the lead.
Their remaining schedule after the pod is way easier.

Only team I see that will give them a challenge is St. Cloud. SCSU-UMD games are always battles.

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3 minutes ago, Username Taken said:

UND by far the better team outside of the first 10 mins. UMD will run out of bounces eventually. Not as good as their record IMO. 

Luckiest team I have ever seen. Their luck will eventually run out. However, the way our boys are playing we don’t deserve to be #1. Lots of improvement needed. Wow. 

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29 and 28 are way better than what they have shown.

Mishmash goes unnoticed too often. He's better as well.

Blaisdell is missed. 

Thought Keane and Moore stepped up.

Thome Time Saturday.

3 really good teams I have watched in last 3 nights. One team just makes late game stupid mistakes to cost it points.


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