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Al and J Pearson need a hand


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Update from Joanna's FB:

Joanna Pearson

 is feeling emotional with 
Per my Dad's request to "put a message on your thing...." & "don't make it too heavy..." here goes:
The past couple days have been absolutely miserable for Dad. (But, really...how miserable can it be when he has me!) He has not been able to get out of bed or do any task on his own. His body is completely tightened - regardless of medication. We've shared a few tears...share the same fears...and certainly sharing experiences! Now, all we can do is pray.
What does this mean? We are not sure and I will be on the phone ASAP in the AM and have messaged his doctors. I'm not sure if the melanoma is fighting his Parkinson's Disease (PD) or vis versa...or we may have come to a place the PD drugs no longer going to be of assistance in helping him maintain movement. We will have plenty of questions...with hopes we have plenty of answers.
Please join us in prayer...for strength, courage and peace with whatever God's Will reveals.
Feel free to share...never too many for prayer!
PLEASE NOTE: He maaaay be faking it... he just weakly asked me for my chocolate chip cookies!!! *waiting on the oven*   -feeling emotional with

Send more than prayers!


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