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2020 non UND FCS thread


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1 minute ago, bison73 said:

Did we beat you head to head?

By that rational we should be seeded higher than SDSU since we beat them head to head (and each team has only one loss). 

The logical seedings among these three teams should be:

1.  UND (1 loss, beat SDSU)

2. SDSU (1 loss)

3. NDSU (2 losses)


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1 hour ago, Siouxperfan7 said:

Jacks celebrating with the Marker at midfield and taking pictures. This is what the Bison radio guys say;

“This is bordering on inappropriate. There’s a lot of reasons I don’t like this program and this is one of them.”

Now they know how the rest of the FCS has felt this past decade!!

Phil is such a whiny homer. 

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