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Sioux Survivor Game #10 2019-2020

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Wilbur what are you thinking? You're picking a guy to score two games in a row??? When we haven't picked anybody in about 14 rounds??? I may go with a goalie!

Due to all of the cancellations, This game will continue next year.  SteveP,   due to the unusual ending of this season...I am going to leave it up to you if you want to stay with Pinto or change your


8 hours ago, siouxfaninseattle said:

Yeah, and I win this on a reg.......or not. I did pick a guy to score about 7 rounds ago and he put the puck in the net. Didn't count though but I think I should get a half a point just for grins. :whistling:

I think we've both at least three or four times picked a guy that's scored in the next game. :lol:

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Picks are due Saturday at 5:37 pm CST

Round 16:
Wilbur – JBD, Pinto, Jordan, Gaber, Mismash, Adams, Jasper, Senden, Budy, Hain, Kierstad, Frisch, Sanderson, Blaisdell, Kleven
siouxfaninseattle – Smith, Adams, Jordan, Pinto, Gaber, Jasper, JBD, Mismash, Kierstad, Budy, Senden, Sanderson, Caulfield, Frisch, Louis


Would you guys each like a list of who you have left?

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22 hours ago, siouxfaninseattle said:

If you want to do that, OK. Not necessary though. I'm thinking I'll surprise Wilbur and pick first. :cool:

this is who you have left:

·  Peter Thome

·  Gabe Bast

·  Cooper Moore

·  Harrison Blaisdell

·  Gavin Hain

·  Griffin Ness

·  Carson Albrecht

·  Josh Rieger

·  Jackson Keane

·  Tyler Kleven

·  Adam Scheel

·  Harrison Feeney





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14 minutes ago, siouxforeverbaby said:

we are still on 16...but are you picking Judd?


You have me quite confused. Your last post says round 16 but including the last game, we had each picked 15 players. So the next game is round 16, right? Also Wilbur has already picked Gaber and Kleven. Shouldn't we have the same number of players left to pick?? :unsure:

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