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WMU @ UND -- Saturday Gameday

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Just now, bcblues said:

This is not the game that I expected tonight.  I expected about 10 goals scored tonight (maybe more). we look like we have trouble working and passing the puck in their zone.  WMU is really good at clogging the middle.

Both teams are getting a lot of sticks on passes into the middle.

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Thats not what i see. I see a player who skated to the front of the net barely gets pushed and changes his momentum to run into the goalie. He was looking for contact to do exactly what he did.... eas

How about this senerio. Ref's review the play. Talk to a secutiry guard. Asks, Is there a back way out? Guard/NO Ref asks, How's the Security? Guard/Not Good. Ref sa

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1 minute ago, cowboys5xsbs said:

I love Martins repping that sioux hat 

Yeah, I love the old logos on their kit.  I was there in 80, and it really brings back memories,  I remember the guys with the flashing hardhats, the pregames at Frenchy's, and the bitter cold walks to the rink.

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