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CC @ UND -- Saturday gameday

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On 2/8/2020 at 3:56 PM, petey23 said:

I wasn't old enough to go to Frenchy's legally. Some older guys got me in one of my first nights at UND...I turned 19 early in 2nd semester so frequented the east side establishments.

I know that there was a process in place, due to the massive number of mugs, if a mug was not used for a period of time it was moved into storage to make more room for mugs that were being used.

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You've really got to admire a guy who isn't getting much playing time, works hard on his game in practice, and then steps in big time when called.  Well done Mr. Thome.

My one simple take on the weekend...Cole Smith played like a beast the whole weekend.  Easily the best player on the ice when he was on it ..IMHO

I don't think CC will go to their third stringer.  Its Vernon's net.   Hain likely to be held out with Reiger being the extra skater. 4-0 after one you douchebags!!!!

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