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Omaha @ UND -- Friday Gameday

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1 minute ago, ChrisUND1 said:

Incredibly awful performance by Scheel.  3 bad games in a row.  Fair?

I'll just say he has looked anything but sharp in his last 3 starts. Fought the puck a lot last weekend.

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That's what the last 2 seasons were for.

On Wednesday, Omaha's basketball team shot 43% from the floor. On Friday, Omaha's hockey team shot 46%.  

They’ve slept thru the last 3 games. Time to wake up from the break. 

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8 minutes ago, crb1 said:

Our power play is horrendous. It doesn’t really appear much improvement has been made. Goerhing needs to rethink this one. Perhaps we are doing the reverse Hakstol where we do great in the first half and fizzle in the second. 

A click early to be saying that.  But I am curious why Frisch is on the pp. I’d put another forward on the pp. 

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