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Nicholls State game day,

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11 minutes ago, UND-FB-FAN said:

I hate to bring up expectations again, but 2 playoff appearances in 6 seasons with 0 playoff wins isn’t exactly great.

Bubba will certainly be UND’s Head Coach in 2020, but I wish he wasn’t.

UND Athletics does not have the high expectations nor the financial resources to make the change now (ie buy out Bubba).  A change is likely to happen after UND is embarrassed within the MVFC following the 2020 and 2021 seasons. 

UND has had average performance for an average funded team. Time to step up and get HPC phase 2 complete and pony up for a good coach. 

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I’m upset that UND lost the game and squandered a great opportunity for a playoff game victory ...  BUT ... I simply can’t stand the way Bubba coaches this team. It’s awful and just not smar

Fire Bubba

Goes without saying, but this is a huge opportunity for UND football. Chance to get UND’s first ever DI playoff victory and then a chance to play NDSU in the DI postseason for the first time ever. 

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So many issues (gashed by the run, duff a field goal attempt, inability to run the ball, not focusing on ball security on your own goal line) that all point to preparedness, mentally or schematically. 

And that can only be put on coaching. 

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Just now, SportsTalkJoey said:

Fire Schweigert and fire Schmidt. Absolutely pitiful on the road in big games.  They cannot stop a run up the middle. On the Ketteringham fumble we ran a play- action inside our own 5???? Horrible. Seriously horrible. 


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39 minutes ago, ChrisUND1 said:

When I saw Kyle's (bubba) remarks about the 7 win season and basically saying that was their goal,  it was very telling.  Time to move on.

That is pure #loserthink by Bubba. 

Someone needs to greet a copy of the book “Loserthink” to the whole staff. 

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5 minutes ago, Siouxperman8 said:

Disappointed in the game today.  It never felt like we were in it even when the score was close.

We need to figure out how to get bigger and stronger in the OL and DL.  

fire baukol / hire will ratelle to replace him

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