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UND @ DU -- Friday Gameday

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Link: https://youtu.be/bbSg4Gnkx6Y Had to shake off the rust to figure out how to do it again. Apologies for the Xsplit watermark. Too cheap to pay for a license. PS This is for SiouxSports

1-1 tie, UND gets the extra point in overtime.  DU games usually seem to be struggles.  I hope the road warriors get to play their style of game and maintain their offensive edge.

As someone stated earlier in this thread, Scheel was the MVP of this game.

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Just now, Cratter said:

Wanna complain about bad announcers?

Hennessey after all these years forgot they play 3x3 OT.

Sometimes I think he's "getting up there in age."

He's also famous for claiming: "I have no idea why they blew the whistle there."

Our radio PxP guys are definitely North Dakota biased, but with Radio coverage that isn't unexpected. 

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Fun game to watch. Little disappointed we didn't get the straight up win as I still don't think DU's goal should have counted and then the one late scramble in OT that got through the DU goalie and somehow just went wide. Good play by Weatherby and finish by Poolman to get the extra point.

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1 minute ago, George M. Bluth said:

Officially 0-1-2 on the road against the top teams in the county. This team can play with anyone. 

That 1 loss probably Should've went in the other column, completely controlled the game a few posts in the final moments.

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The coaching staff deserves credit for adjusting to the DU power play.

DU is big,  physical, skilled, well coached, and a good tendy. 

Brink is legit, reminds me of Oshie.

Serious Natty contenders.

Very good game from UND, focused, played for 70 minutes... very impressed, the Sioux fans who traveled got rewarded!

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Scheel is the story.  Fantastic all evening, and the only goal he allowed was after getting slashed in the head.  If he flops after getting hit they probably waive it off after the review.

Again impressed by Pinto.  So calm with the puck, almost too calm at times.

1st Star:  Scheel

2nd Star:  Jasper

3rd Star:  Officials watching our goalie get slashed in the head on the replay and still allowing the goal.  

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