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UND (1-0) @ #8 Gonzaga (2-0)


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4 hours ago, BarnWinterSportsEngelstad said:

Thanks for the stream, pretty good picture.

Sorry it sounds like it gave out partway through.  I was at the game, so didn’t see how it was going.  Your guys played hard -- you’ve got some good pieces.  Good luck with the Summit League this year!

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3 hours ago, hoops44 said:

Bring back Jonsey boy to coach

Jones brought some talented two steppers to the ballroom, wore his Sunday's best while keeping the wax on his sideline shinning, and did take us to the DANCE.
In a good way, he will come back to visit some day.
Wish you the best JONES.

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I was not impressed at all with Walters again.  Continually got beat on the glass.  His man scored at will .  I believe he shot 6 threes before finally hitting one.  I thought with the new coaching staff they would see the weakness in his game.  I get we do not have a lot of bigs but I would rather see small out there. 

Danielson really has impressed me with his hard work.  When they signed him I thought he would red shirt and probably still not make the rotation.  He is actually making a case for starting over Brown.   

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