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- Glad to hear Kett receiving praise on this board for his play the last couple of weeks. His SMH plays have decreased, as have his turnovers. It’s important progress, and it’s a big component for win

Check out this account. Just beautiful.

Good points.  Although,  if his aspirations were to work as a Carny, I think he would’ve gone to ndsu.   

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7-6 UND at halftime versus #9 Montana State 


Outstanding first half for the UND defense. Shows how much us “football experts” knew about UND’s defense. They play the games for a reason.

UND needs to play an inspired second half to pull the upset. Go Hawks

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7-6 at the half.

Our kids on d are holding their own.  Holm makes such a difference in the secondary.  Thrown at once.  

Our QB has to be better.  The throw to Boltman on the quick hitter defines his career at UND.  I dont think I've seen a QB miss a a short throw that badly.  Wasn't within five yards.

Take the ball down the field get some points to start half two. 

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