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3 minutes ago, Frozen4sioux said:

I hope we can all one day appreciate the level of greatness that this anonymous god of discussion boards has chosen to grace us, us pathetic urchins of also anonymous posters, with his divine presence.

I will now change my evil ways and hold no opinions, ever.

If now I am rebirthed is there some form or portal that I may run any attempt of thought through as to know if its appoved?

Planetearth would like to point out that your opinions are valuable, unless they disagree with the groupthink; and if you don’t like it, you can leave.

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3 minutes ago, Stockdamhockey said:

And.....we move into commenting on psychology.

Say bud, 

I enjoy day drinking, I do its a special aspect of life in North Dakota. Believe its a right in the century code ... idk.. maybe not.... but either way... its obviously something we both enjoy. 

You're going to have a heart attack man. Know when to step back and say, " woooah... went a bit bat !@#$ there"... 

Take a walk, mix in a water, and just enjoy the sunshine, ... or snow.. whatever.

Just. Breathe.

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On 5/15/2019 at 8:12 AM, Oxbow6 said:

Cue Stockdam and all the other as** clowns here that will label stewie as "not a real fan"....................

I guess anyone who calls you out for being the bratty fair weather fan that you are is an asshat. Go put your Bison !@#$ on on and go fiddle yourself

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