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5 hours ago, jdub27 said:

But this incident happened at the SHAC.....which is an NDSU owned facility....so the staffing related issues have something to do with ndsu. And according to the article, the staffing isn't the only issue with the facility in regards to ADA. 

You are correct. For some reason I was thinking the FD.

And yes the schac is very lacking in a lot of things. For a new facility it should be more accommodating.  They really screwed up the seating. When they first opened it was bad. But they have made some adjustments to make the leg room better but it still is the pits IMO.

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Not quite, Clemson took responsibly and acknowledged the substance, NDSU called their player a liar and passed on the blame. 

We aren’t the ones that said it’s all over the locker room.  One of your former players did.  Ask him. 

Other than manhandling K. State, remember the undersized, not overly fast, not overly strong LB that played like incredible hulk?  Was it Beck?  I think we know why.  And SU is notorious for guys play

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13 minutes ago, Siouxswim1 said:

Seems I was wrong so apologies. I know a large group of them were out and the AD and president gave them a stripping down, but clearly the number of football members being arrested wasn’t accurate. 

You know this? Or is it similar to your knowledge of players being arrested for drinking underage?

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2 hours ago, Siouxswim1 said:

I don’t have an issue with football players going out and having a good time; I only posted about why the quiet out of the ‘spring ball’ because I knew of an incident per my niece. Supposedly the whole athletics department knows about what happened-apparently in addition to football players being arrested there were some soccer players. Again I don’t know if this affected information about spring ball or not.

WGAF.  Quit talking about it over and over...

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