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Kennedy vs donors... again?

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40 minutes ago, UNDBIZ said:

Good to hear. Hopefully these announced gifts can help reshape the narrative to regain the faith of the typical 3-5 figure donor, which I think has been hurt by Mcgarry and the Herald

A honest question........so Kennedy has no culpability in your post above?

Just saying I know a number of those 3-5 figure donors who would check box "C" as to why he/she is not donating or are donating less.......and it has absolutely nothing to do with being "content with the status quo" or "being reluctant to change".

My daughter will be attending UND next fall. We've toured campus a number of times. Campus definitely has changed since I was there but to give him all or most of the credit for "transforming campus" is a disingenuous.

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For being such a supposed "terrible" president, he sure has managed to impress and garner interest from some pretty big name schools during his tenure at UND. Almost like people had a personal vendett

Will a search for his successor be conducted, or will the Englestad Foundation be appointing someone?   

UND should see a substantial check in the mail from KEM any day now!! 

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8 minutes ago, Oxbow6 said:

A honest question........so Kennedy has no culpability in your post above?

He has certainly made some mistakes. His handling of Ray Richards golf course was bad and he apparently misread the Mcgarry situation. Because he opened that door, his (and UND's) detractors have had the opportunity to feed a narrative that UND can't be trusted with your money and legacy.

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In an article pushing NDSU's need for a new building.

A new chemistry building at NDSU has passed the North Dakota senate:


Bill SB 2297 includes, a chemistry building at NDSU, a music building at Valley City State University and a project at Dickinson State University’s Pulver Hall. Also proposed at the March 11 House Appropriations Committee hearing was a business and public affairs building at the University of North Dakota, though that has not been added to the bill yet.


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3 minutes ago, UNDBIZ said:

So.... anyone have thoughts on Josh Duhamel getting an honorary doctorate from UND? 

Great ambassador for North Dakota and college sports in North Dakota. Fun idea. No downside that I can see. 

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Happens all the time across the country: Fame & Fortune.

Great speeches to look up on youtube from when Jim Carey got one from Maharishi University. Steve Jobs from Stanford.

UND already gave one to Phil Jackson a few years back.

Now with Josh Duhamel they have every famous person covered from the state.

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31 minutes ago, UNDBIZ said:

I'd say it's an interesting choice for the Foundation to select a person who has publicly vowed not to donate to UND as the luncheon keynote speaker....

 Sorta gotta put the whole context out there. She never said she will never donate to UND ever again.

She said just as long as Mark Kennedy is president. 

Plus she just donated more money to the building her dad built.

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