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10 hours ago, BarnWinterSportsEngelstad said:

I firmly believe that these misfires (terrible travel planing) hurt a teams performance.

I agree.  We flew in to Youngstown on game day. Then had to lay around a hotel all day in meeting rooms. It killed us. We were flat and tired. Got beat by a not so good YSU that day.

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Sorry in advance, this might be long... I've debated with myself long and hard about posting this, but decided to go ahead. I've always found that being open and transparent is a healthy place for me

I’m Steve Greer’s dad and want to thank you all for your support and criticism.  A fire needs fuel!  We need a fire under UND and it begins with you all.  Had many great times in your awesome town and

Entering the 6th year of Bubba Ball I think a pattern has developed that we all recognize.  Pre-season optimism based on returners and our last couple of recruiting classes - speculation on who will s

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10 hours ago, BarnWinterSportsEngelstad said:

I firmly believe that these misfires (terrible travel planing) hurt a teams performance.

When I was coaching hockey we shot the pooch in our planning and showed up to the rink 45 minutes before warmups started.  Kids were on the bus for three hours and then half an hour later they were in their skates.  We were flat from the get go and lost to a team we run timed earlier in the season at home.  

I coached a number of sports while I was teaching, hundreds of games, and it was the only time I apologized to the team after a game because I didn't give them the opportunity to perform at their best level that day.

I'm not saying that is the reason our kids lost to Idaho State.  Give the Bengals credit for being excited to perform on their homecoming day and playing well. 

The bleeds green Sioux fan (Grandpa, Dad, Uncles, numerous cousins alumni) just wishes our team had more time to adjust to that elevation change.  

Nuff said, let's get healthy and beat Weber!

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5 hours ago, Kab said:

I know polls don’t mean much yet but voters must be in left field at times

UND losses to teams have records of 14 wins and 10 losses, our Team wins have records of 20 wins and 21 losses

mont. state losses to teams have records of 14 wins and 10 losses, their team win records are 13 wins and 27 losses


Very valid and the post of the week so far.

sooooooooooooooo......................more importantly

UND has named their six Pres finalists,  I'm firmly behind the Bob Marley guy, that would be AWESOME !!!

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36 minutes ago, Oxbow6 said:

Anyone know what UND's FB budget is?

Just read SDSU's is $3.8M. NDSU's is $4.8M!

Also, SDSU in 2018 was 6,808,090, but that includes 2,622,732 in debt service, probably for the new stadium, so really it's like 4,185,358, if we want to compare apples to apples  (as much as it's possible, at least).  Each of these AD's has millions in expenses attributed to the AD as a whole, and they all do this a little bit differently so it's hard to say exactly what the real numbers are, but you/most people already know that probably.

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Sitting at 5-3.  A little review / takeaways of the season so far.  Also if und goes 2-1 over the  last three games to end up on the bubble at 7-4 how would the committee critique or breakdown unds schedule: 

Drake-   Win.   (1-0) Und did exactly what they had to do.  The committee could potentially take notice of this victory if drake wins the pioneer thus earning a playoff spot.  If they don’t... this game was  simply an expected W  

#1 ndsu-  loss.   (1-1). Und showed they haven’t closed the gap since the last time they played. Ndsu will be undefeated and continues its sickening run. Committee expected this loss. 

#22 Sam.  Win  (2-1)  currently a decent win.   First half was great ...second half was not.  If sam wins out they could sneak into the playoffs which should help unds resume. They're currently at 5-4 overall 4-4 vs d1. Guesstimate  7-5 or 8-4 finish.  Two gimme games left and one that might be competitive.  8-4 they are in...7-5 they would be out  

#21 EWU   Loss   (2-2)   EWU is an average team at best.   They can and have been exposed in so many ways. They have two d1 wins and und is one of them. N Colo being the other.  2-5 d1 record. Currently this is a bad loss. They end the season with three cupcakes and one decent team. Running the table puts them at 7-5 overall ....6-5 vs d1. Lose one more  they are mathematically out. Not a playoff worthy team. Und would be their only “notable” win. Hard to know if the committee would consider this is a bad loss as its been noted over and over again that the name on your jersey is a major decision maker ....and EWU wears one of those jerseys. 

#12 UC Davis   Win  (3-2). Was not impressed with Davis. This game should of never come down to a last minute FG.  Looking like the playoffs are off the table for Davis. Currently they are 4-5 looking to finish 5-7 maybe 6-6. Could be considered a good win in the committees eyes as they were highly ranked early on when und played them? 

Idaho st -  loss  (3-3). Perhaps unds most embarrassing loss ever. A bad idaho st team did whatever they pleased.  600+ yards of offense.  Idaho st is 2-5 vs d1. They looked like they were playing a naia team.  Und was never in the game. Massive consequences.  Committee might have a little laugh with this one. This was not just a loss it was an embarrassment.  

cal poly-  win.  (4-3).    Cal poly is not a good team, 2-6, and it took a mini miracle to bring home a victory.  Unimpressive game. The committee sees a W.   

# 9 Montana St.  Win. (5-3). As it currently stands Montana st is the one win that the committee will notice.  Second week in in a row that a mini miracle was needed.   Unds depleted D line stood up to the challenge and the ST ended up being an asset and for the most part won the game for und.  Montana st hasn’t exactly been lighting it up  the last three weeks.   Und would love for Montana st to finish the season strong 

Games yet to be played :  

Weber.   Their front 4 on D is extremely stout.  Secondary took a hit from the last couple years.  Not an overly impressive offense but effective.  That Davis kid could run all over und.  Loss (5-4) 

S Utah/ N Colo.  bad bad teams.  Expecting wins that don’t require last second miracles.  (7-4) 

 Before the season most had thought EWU and Davis would be strong teams. Highly unlikely either will be playoff bound. Und currently has played two teams projected for the playoff field and are 1-1 vs those two. Weber is there last chance to impress. Und has one absolutely horrible loss.  Unds last four victories have come by 4,4,4 and 2.  They could easily be 1-7. There is a lot of fcs football yet to be played but if things go as they should one would think though that a 7-4 record gets them dancing   


offense- “C”  

The talent level is missing.  Danny has added some new life and wrinkles to the blah that was before. He just doesn’t have the weapons that’s needed for his style of OC calling. I still question why they don’t speed up the tempo on occasion.  It had caught the opposing defenses off guard when they implemented it games past. Run game is miserable. The offense is very hit and miss.  Its like the offense is either hitting on all cylinders or hitting on none 

defense   “C”   

Montana st was a good/great game for the defense.  But the run  D has been bad.  5 of 8 games the opposing offenses have gained 200+ yards on the ground.  Pass D has been fairly decent.  Injuries are  adding up  

ST   “ D” 

getting better and basically won the game last week but still has a long ways to go  

Coaching  “D”   

I truly feel und is lucky to be 5-3.  They are less than a hand full of plays away from being 1-7.  They are losing at most statistical categories including the points per game,  the yardage game,  turnover battle,  anything ST related...etc and yet are above .500.   My thoughts on the coaching have been out there all year.   Talent needs to be upgraded.  

Making the playoffs would be great for fan moral but more importantly recruiting. Hoping for a 3-0 finish.  Firmly believe a 2-1 is more realistic.  

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Just now, Oxbow6 said:

So can someone explain again why UND has just an 11 game schedule?  IF UND is left out at 7-4 it will because they aren't 8-4.

Good question on the scheduling.

My take on the article: Sam cites SIU's FBS win over 1-7 UMASS. That should be thrown out just as our win over a bad Wyoming team was back in 2015. Will it though? Probably not.

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37 minutes ago, Oxbow6 said:

So can someone explain again why UND has just an 11 game schedule?  IF UND is left out at 7-4 it will because they aren't 8-4.

Scheduling isn't our strong suit.  The bend us over agreement with ndsu kept UND from scheduling another beatable out of conference opponent, and out of the playoffs in 2015.   Same thing with this year's ndsu game, combined with only 11 games, unless we're able to win 8, we may be on the playoff fence.  

Depending on how this  year plays out, Bubba's insistence on scheduling ndsu out of conference could result in him making the playoffs just once in six years vs. potentially 3 times in 6 years.  

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56 minutes ago, Oxbow6 said:

So can someone explain again why UND has just an 11 game schedule?  IF UND is left out at 7-4 it will because they aren't 8-4.


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