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Stanley Cup Game 2018 Edition

The Sicatoka

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The rules (same as 2017):

- pick six (6) forwards
- pick four (4) defensemen
- straight POINTS, not goals, POINTS (G + A) scored by your ten players in the four rounds to the Cup determines winner
- no more than five (5) players from a single NHL team on your team 

Teams must be in before first playoff puck drop Wednesday night. 

And I'm not going to have much time to track scores this year; I'll need help with it. Thanks to everyone in advance. 


For those with short memories: last year's game

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So far, we have 7 teams in.  Deadline is tonight at 6:00 pm.  Here's a bit of this game's history, which dates back to 2015:

2015 - 7 entries - winner was Ray77 with 147 points
2016 - 8 entries - winner was DaveK with 133 points
2017 - 10 entries - winner was Engineer with 105 points

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I'll go with


Nikita Kucherov(TB)

Steven Stamkos(TB)

Filip Forsberg(Nashville)

Ryan Johansen(Nashville)

Alex Ovechkin(Washington)

William Karlsson(Vegas)




Victor Hedman(TB)

P.K. Subban(Nashville)

Roman Josi(Nashville)

John Carlson(Washington)

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Looks like we have a record number of participants this year - 16.  I have my spreadsheet all set up and ready to go.  As usual, I can update scores but please double-check your score to make sure that my spreadsheet doesn't lie (or I didn't screw something up)!  Good luck to all, and thanks for starting this again, Sic.

The Sicatoka
sioux rube
George M. Bluth
Shawn-O JV
Siouxper Dave
90siouxfan's buddy Alberto's JV

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