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former Prof Sues Kennedy

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12 minutes ago, Vegas_Sioux said:


Suing over his termination for drunk driving on a campus where the majority of students would never get a job with that on their record.

I guess he saw a women’s hockey coach get a couple million for not having her contract renewed, so why not sue for being fired.

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Did the guy gets arrested for driving drunk on his way to teach a class???  Would he have been OK to teach a class while intoxicated?  I can think of some of my professors over the years that may have been more interesting had they been liquored up but why should he have been allowed to resign rather than be fired?  Lets see,  he was arrested in Sept.  2015, pleads guilty, wasn't fired in 2015,  but given stipulations that he didn't follow,  and he found an attorney that thinks the University should pay him???  That is one of the reasons some people have lost respect for our legal profession.  He claims he missed classes because he had a doctors appointment.  Which College professor teaches class from 8AM to 5PM daily??  He should be able to schedule his medical appointments around his classes. The reason some thought he should be allowed to resign is so he might find a job somewhere else where they don't do a thorough background check.  Employers often cite the data privacy act when asked for details of a former employee so he might be able to find a new job and continue his miserable and dangerous conduct while getting paid.  This guy is one of the reasons some criticize our teachers/professors. 

He should have been fired in 2015 after given due process when he admitted he was driving drunk on a morning he was scheduled to teach a college class.  You can't make this stuff up. 
I wonder if the committee members would have recommended they allow him to resign had their family members been killed when he was driving drunk.

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