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Shhh, it’s just getting good.

But I was told before Hak left that everyone would be fine with 4 or 5 UMD-like dumpster fire seasons sprinkled in with an NCAA title once a decade... Apparently that's not the case anymore.  Two

The ex girlfriend 

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40 minutes ago, Cratter said:

Unpopular post ahead alert: 

Speaking of Dixon Bowen, how much of his being on this team has to do with who his dad is?

Not much. He just hasn't been the same player since he was injured earlier in the season. He was very good early in the year and just hasn't seemed to skate quite as well and I wonder if it is still a little bit of an issue.

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3 hours ago, Oxbow6 said:

Maybe next year's team needs some addition by subtraction..................just saying.


46 minutes ago, Johnsiouxfanforever said:

I heard it’s gersich 

Can someone do  the math around here............

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2 hours ago, gfhockey said:

What about the time when 2 fb players beat up 5 hockey playas cuz when one them was banging jpl girlfriend 

Wasn't it just Bobby Stroup beating up JPL? Not long after Stroup beat up some frat boys and was dismissed from UND. 

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The actual big question here is can Berry be introspective and identify where we went off the rails and start to correct it or is he another Bubba who will keep everyone and just do more of the same.  We had multiple issues this year and Coach Team Culture needs to make some serious changes.  Although individuals worked their butts off, as a team we couldn't hold 2 or 3 goal leads, couldn't play over 40 minutes a game, gave up goals almost immediately after scoring, took stupid penalties, had the worst power play ever, and continually made high school mistakes (see no look passes this game).  In addition, our player development was nil, leadership was lacking,  and we seriously lack high end talent.  When St. Cloud can skate circles around us there is something wrong.  I don't care if he has to cut half the team and bring in over-agers who come to play.  And he better hit the recruiting trail right soon - how can he not sell our program, fans, tradition and facilities to top enders is beyond me.  This was not Fighting Sioux Hockey.

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7 hours ago, Blackheart said:

Hey mods, shut this burning pile of a thread down...nothing to see here.  Too many personal attacks on individuals without any proof...there's just no place for it.

Says the guy who stole my wife and kids...I'll kick your a$$ next time I see you, Blackheart!*






*the above post is completely in jest and meant to lighten up this thread.  Any resemblance to actual persons - living or dead - is completely unintentional. 

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