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i like how city gov refers to federal money almost as free....i've been waiting for those light towers to finish up the streetscape in downtown gf...but...had no idea how damn expensive they were (per gf heraldo article that i can't find)...so the city canceled/postponed them because of the plandemic but are now revisiting ordering them...for a cost of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars thru Badman Studios?  wtf?

couldn't those "towers" be a high school project in shop?

how about grand forks welding?



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I'm getting the hats ready for Cratter's run for mayor......."MGFGA"

Will he get Central into the WAC or MWC?

Build it and they will come.  So many cities throughout the world have seen that making downtown attractive again will draw people. Good for GF to get on board.

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Epic has equipment on site of the Old Townhouse hotel downtown.  They have a few renderings in their website.  Looks like there will be three, seven story buildings with a plaza in the middle.  Will be mixed residential and commercial.  There doesn’t appear to be a stage like in West Fargo at The Lights.  But with HB right across the street, Maybe that’s who they’d use if they decide to hold concerts there.  Link to the website:  https://epiccompaniesnd.com/properties/the-beacon/

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