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Pearson's Hockey Bus

Hawks (ouch) vs Huskies

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YOU GUESSED IT...a few seats left... we like to get as many in green as possible!  CALL ME for details: 701-388-9825 -- texting is fine, too!  Best to use my cell as a way to reach me...taking care of Dad is my job and struggle making sure I check every place I posted (so sorry!). Don't hesitate to use my cell number (did I mention that before? *bats eyes*!

Short version: bus, driver tip, drinks and tickets = $190 and rooms are set aside at $85/night. If you have tickets, it would knock off $80.00. Don't worry about the weather - we'll take care of you!

Joanna: 701-388-9825

Side note: Bemidji is FULL, Duluth we are into a 2nd bus, Omaha is half full and NCHC and Regionals are starting to fill, too.... Don't delay. If you've ever wanted to join Al on one of his trips...I gotta be honest, this would be the year to do it...Life changes too quickly these days! Parkinson's is a beast that he is battling hard....we get "new normals" all the time and have to adjust. Hockey and people on his bus ...nothing keeps him going more than sharing his passion. COME PLAY!

Dad's BIG Smile.jpg

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