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Carson Wentz taking Philly by storm

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Carson and team whipped the Steelers today.  He passed for over 300 yards and still doesn't have an interception on the season.  Congrats to him, and his 3-0 record, regardless if he went to NDSU.

Happy to say Carsons surgery went without a hitch and now it's the long road to recovery which he will tackle like he does with everything else in his life.

Aside from wearing that ugly bison jersey, its hard not to like this kid.

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1 hour ago, Siouxperman8 said:

I have watched Wentz a few times and he is really good already.

Yeah he is, he puts the ball right on the money. Already seen a number of deep ball passes that are perfectly thrown, but dropped. I've never been an eagles fan, but I'll pull for them, just for this kid. Hope he has 2 losses on the year, to the Vikes on Oct 23, and to the Vikes in the NFC Championship game! :)

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2 hours ago, Siouxperman8 said:

I have watched Wentz a few times and he is really good already.

Because of the rivalry dared not Post before but gotta tell you that kid is awesome as well as a nice guy from what I've heard. We are Chicago Bears fans so watched a lot of the Eagles Bear game. He is far better than Jameis Winston from FSU drafted on the first round to the Bucs.  Quick, accurate and doesn't hang in the  pocket.  Everyone loves to watch talent and the whole state of ND should be proud.

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5 minutes ago, The Sicatoka said:

Not much to do today because your favorite FB team had the weekend off? 

Me?  What?  They lost again to the Cowboys yesterday. Have to admit it gets a bit disgusting  We are steady fans, win or lose and also w/ the Cubbies.  So let us stick with our Hawks, win or lose but support them 100%, give them hope no matter what.  Our bitching all the time will never make them better players.  But the former coaches and players on here see things called that even we non FB players see all the time.

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28 minutes ago, InHeavenThereIsNoBeer said:

Wentz cheered for/congratulated the UND hockey team on their national championship so he's a good guy in my book!

Because he is a huge hockey fan. Went to a game with him in a suite at the Ralph when he was a kid. He was a pretty good player himself but hung up the skates after his last bantam year.

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