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Sioux Survivor Game #11

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Boeser to get a Hatty in the Natty

No you won't.   No changing once a pick has been made.

Sorry, I'm not in this one but I got so excited when I seen this!  Sioux hockey is here!

Final List for tonight

Round 1:
Vegas_Sioux – Drake
choyt3 – Brock
siouxczech29 – Brock
BeazSioux – Brock
Superfan#99 – Austin
rhenry8439 – Stecher, Cam
geaux_sioux – Luke
F’n Hawks – Luke
SiouxSax – Brock, Austin
90siouxfan – Stecher
Fetch – Luke, Brock
snova4 – Drake
minotsiouxfan – Brock, Austin
siouxforcefans – Drake, Bryn
u2numb – Bryn
sioux rube – Drake
hky – Drake
TRex – Drake
UND_Gina – Stecher
Esoxpirate – Nick
bigskyvikes – Brock, Joel
SteveP – Drake
SiouxScore – Nick
nd jg – Stecher
Redneksioux - Sanderson
SiouxperSiouxFan – Luke
franchise – Drake
siouxfaninseattle – Brock
Scoop – Nick, Luke
Budwmn – Nick
siouxforeverbaby - Brock

Ice Arena Man – Drake
Speez – Drake
Ray77 – Luke
Blackheart – Drake
axnecorl – Drake
siouxporter – Brock
prn80 – Poolman
Remington_270 – Poolman
dagies – Stecher
Stack – Drake
zqglmtv – Luke
hrkac – Austin
Daddy WapPipes - Poolman

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