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NORTH DAKOTA vs. Michigan - SATURDAY Gameday

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Classy reaction from Michigan's Alex Kile:  

...but when we win, it's...

...SiouxSports.com tonight if North Dakota loses.

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Two goals will not be enough.  They somehow need to get it in the net.  The point of lopsided possession and shot attempts is that sometimes not-dangerous plays turn into goals due to deflections and rebounds.  In 2011, it never happened.  Last night it did.  Today, not yet.

Michigan is dangerous because they won't see the offensive zone for three minutes, then get a rush that turns into a great chance.  And they have the skill to finish.

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4 minutes ago, siouxfan512 said:

sry guys, that one was courtesy of my 3 and a half and 1 and half year olds :)  ... apparently I can't step away from my laptop

Almost had it figured out.... ( hghgfffvtyyyyy7uu8uojgo89zcfgd)  = hawks go, hawks go, fight fight fight

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1 minute ago, sprig said:

4-0 Denver,  yet another butt kicking off HE. they have one more chance,  can Duluth make it a clean sweep

And we were told that Hockey East was the best conference in the college hockey and they falling one after the other. 

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