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For The Love of God, Not Fighting Hawks

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Stumbled upon these somehow....that "hawk" is interesting. Certainly not your typical college hawk.  My favorite is the Nodaks logo, lotta time and effort into that one

Although they look like they were designed in a 1980's AV class, the concept of the hawks is intriguing.  Let's get Berkeley Boy out of here and let Ed head up the design of the new logo.  If we get a cool hawk logo that ties to one of the old Sioux logos, I'm good with that!  So on a blind leap of faith my vote goes to the lesser of two evils.

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What is this green logo with a "U" that is making the Internet rounds they wrote about?

That's the second phantom thing the Herald has posted about hawks. 

I'm still trying to find the picture of the sioux logo transforming into a hawk logo (it says it wasn't the blackhawk one). IIRC, a UND professor made it they claimed.

Sure would be a good time to have a picture with the article.

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