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WCHA Patch Location

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Hi I have seen a few older jerseys with the WCHA logo on the lower back and others on the shoulder any clue why they were on the back? 

The patch location was switched after the 2011 season.  I've got to go look at a jersey to refresh my memory.

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UND played with it on the back in 2009-10 and 2010-11.  For 2011-12, UND's last with the Sioux name/logo on it, it was moved to the front. 

Also, when the patch moved, the colors used in the patches changed on two of the jerseys.  The green jersey went from black WCHA w/ white outline to white w/ silver outline when it moved.  The black jersey was white w/ black outline and when it moved went to white w/ silver outline.  The white jersey's patch did not change other than the move.

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