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Boston Bound vs. Terriers

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As many of us head to Boston, some are to be introduced to the Boston area dialect.  Here is an article that might help to understand that dialect:   Researchers for the  Massachusetts Turnpike Auth

wonder if Dom Izzo is picking the Bison today

I admit not paying a lot of attention to hockey...until the Frozen Four.  I admire those who are the best at what they do and once again, UND has proved they're one of the best.  Congrats and I hope t

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UND fans are going to show up in droves.  I know that BU has home ice advantage, but tickets are not just up for grabs.  This is like a family reunion for most college hockey fans.  They have their season tickets for the frozen four and are from all over.  Yes, there will be BU fans there, but there will also be UND fans there in droves.  I'm going to stay away.  The last time I went to a FF was in St. Paul and we all know what happened there.  The last time I went to a regional was in Minnesota in 2000, we all know what happeded that year too.  My wife and I were at the Fargo Regional and I am hoping that is a good harbinger.

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Got my tickets before the price went crazy, driving from maryland hope to see a lot of sioux brethren there! Can't wait, couldn't make it last year to philly. I was in St. Paul in 2011 and hope that this is the year! Anyone know where the meet up for fans before the game will be?

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Apparently some BU fans have been able to purchase tickets through UNO...




*His other tweets say to use prompt 4 when calling and to have the tickets held at Will Call instead of providing a mailing address outside of Nebraska


No clue if it will continue to work, but it might be worth a try.


I believe all tickets have now been sold.

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Here are some key national rankings of the four teams in the Frozen Four


Offense 2 8 21 28

Defense 12 7 5 12

Power Play 2 18 40 19

Penalty Kill 14 24 16 26

Penalty Minutes 25 12 39 33

SH Goals 5 1 10 26

Goalie GAA 21 11 13 5

Goalie SV% 14 6 11 1

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Great draw for you guys.  BU should be close, but I don't see them getting away with playing only one period against the Sioux.  The crowd might help them a little, but it won't be enough unless they really improve their play from the regional. 

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What's the deal with the tickets through UND. They called me and said I am not guaranteed Saturday's game unless we win but I had to pay for the ticket "package" which makes no sense to me.

that is how the tickets are sold. It's just like the regional, you buy all 3 games, whether UND plays or not.
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I bought tickets for the regional and was given tickets to all 3 games. When the Ralph called me about Frozen Four tickets I was told that the NCAA only sent UND tickets for Thursday's game. I had to buy the ticket package which is for all 3 games but I am only being given a ticket to Thursday's game. They told me if UND wins Thursday I will for sure get a ticket for Saturday's game. They said if UND loses I will NOT be guaranteed a ticket for Saturday's game. This means I am paying for the package of all 3 games but I am only being given 1 ticket for Thursday's game for sure. This is what does not make any sense. I am going to Boston and I better be getting all 3 tickets I paid for. 

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