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North Dakota born and raised.  Lived in mainly western ND other than college in Grand Forks and some teaching near Fargo.   My dad had me on his lap watching the 87 World series (I was 4).  Don't

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Offensively I thought the Twins had a really good approach early. Really disciplined with the strike zone not chasing but as the game went on it looked like they were protecting the strike zone like they had 2 strikes when they had the advantage count. Polanco had a 2-0 and hit a popup to left on ball 3 well off the plate. Sano could've been up 3-1 in a count but reached out and hit a curveball off the plate softly to the 1st baseman. Happened multiple more times and it was very frustrating.

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26 minutes ago, SiouxScore said:

Don't think Astudillo would've been on the playoff roster if it was my call. Would've been better if Jeffers was still in there but Rocco has to pinch it Garver earlier for that great 3 pitch strikeout AB. 

Speaking of great moves.....

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1 hour ago, SWSiouxMN said:

If they lose game 2... I can see a lot of changes being made for next year. 

Yeah.  I'll hold off on any guesses for what they'll do until the clock strikes midnight.  There are some guys that need new uniforms and it starts at the top if they lose this round.  

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The Minnesota Sports fan in me has an awful....AWFUL feeling about today's game.  I see nervous at bats, not moving runners, a wild Berrios, and more sloppy play in the field in big spots.

I'm not over yesterday.  A lefty who only threw flipping curve balls no hit them for 4 plus innings.....???

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14 minutes ago, SWSiouxMN said:

If they win this game, they’ll win the series.  They won’t lose game 3.

I’m confident this will occur.  

Can't lose game three if it doesn't happen. :lol:

If they don't get it done against a sub .500 team it'll never get done. 

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