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NORTH DAKOTA vs CC - Best 2 of 3 @theralph

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The Southgate has a good cross section of people, but if you're looking for whoo girls and shots, probably head downtown. 


Is Saturday afternoon bingo at Southgate?  I remember going in there when we used to take their bus, and one of the days had bingo going on when we would arrive.  That was not a fired up atmosphere (to me) while we got a bite to eat before taking the bus over.  That was also 2 or so years ago - we stopped taking their bus when it left us, and about a half dozen others, at the Ralph once...


I actually like going to Joe Black's before the game. It's much more laid back at the time of day and they have cheap drinks and food. Now after the game is a different story. Then the "whoo girls and shots" come out. :lol:

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i keep re-checking this thread with the hope that someone has seen Nick Schmaltz not only skating, but somehow gained 15 pounds of muscle from the hit and grew a mustache.... boy, I can't wait for und

Losing in the second round does us no good, since there is a third place game.  Might as well win it all.

I am going with a sweep for UND...

Last year they definatly didn't run out of steam. They just took the foot off the gas thinking the clock would run out.... It didn't.

Frattins team also didn't run out of steam. Michigan played a Minot style game and relied heavily on the TV timeouts. Without those timeouts I feel like they wouldn't have been able to keep pace with that UND team for the whole game.

First paragraph: lazy play by UND helped out by Holl getting Rocco twisted around after his stick hit him in the cage.

Couldn't agree more on paragraph two: UND needs to be better prepared to handle TV time-outs during NCAA games. Michigan totally used the slow-down to their advantage.

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I know it's not a bar, but my basement has a 50" tv and the drinks are free (previoulsy paid for) and the bathroom is 6 feet away. Other than being there, it's a great place to watch the game.



55" tv in the living room and drinks are free...bathroom is 8 ft away and the other is 15 if the first is taken.

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