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WORLD JUNIORS - Toronto/Montreal - DEC 25/JAN 5

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You should contact USA Hockey immediately and volunteer your services. With your keen insight and knowledge of the game, there's little doubt you could lead the team to a plethora of gold metals, er,

Unfortunately this is a lot like reading a Maple Leafs thread following most of their games which in summary typically read:  "It must have been the officiating because there is no way that giving up

Yay Denmark! Shoot-outs still suck.

Kind of seemed like a lackluster performance, sort of like they knew they would win, just had to put in the time. Can't afford to do that against the canuckians. Sad to see some of the players (cough, gopher, cough) talking during anthem.

i think playing last night and having the day game today had a lot to do with it.

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Great game. Finns seem a little out-matched but they're playing their tails off and are staying within striking distance.

The Finns have an OT loss, a loss, and are looking at another loss tonight - correct me if I'm wrong, but Finland might need some help just to make the medal round. What a shock it would be to see the defending champs in the relegation game. Ouch!

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Switzerland has to play Sweden and Russia will match up against the Czechs in pool play. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think if those games play out as expected, Denmark will advance to the medal round and the Czech Republic will be shipped off to the relegation round.

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