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Sioux Survivor Game #1 2014-2015

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Updated List:


Round 1:

BeazSioux - Parks, Thompson

southpaw - O’D, Nick S

Redneksioux - O’D, Pattyn

SiouxScore - Drake

siouxczech29 - Parks

Jeremy_und2004 - Drake, Nick. S.

sprig - Jordan S., Parks

SiouxSax - Drake, Mark

sioux rube - Drake, Luke

remington_270 - Drake

scpa0305 - Parks

UND-RedSox fan - Luke, Parks

SWSiouxMN - Drake, Nick S.

SteveP - Parks

Fetch - Gaarder

ericpnelson - Drake

Stack - Mark

minotsiouxfan - Luke, Nick S

Goon – Nick S, Drake

fargosioux - O'D, Drake

hky - Luke, Drake

sioux24/7 – Drake, Parks

jodcon – Drake, Luke

Scorpio - O'D, Drake

bigskyvikes - N. Schmaltz, O'D

hrkac - Gaarder, Mark

siouxforcefans - Mark, Luke

siouxjoy - Drake

Blackheart - Luke

willythekid - Parks, Jordan. S

choyt3 - Drake, Thompson

urstillamelvin - O'D, Parks

MafiaMan - Drake


Vegas_Sioux - Drake, Pattyn


Ice Arena Man - Nick S., Jordan S.

u2numb -Mark, Drake

InHeavenThereIsNoBeer - Mark, Luke

morley - Parks, Drake

dagies - O'D, Gaarder

jdub27 - Drake, O'D

Irish – Parks, Nick S.

stoneySIOUX - Pattyn, Drake

nhockey30 - Parks, Stetcher

geaux_sioux - Nick S., Jordan S.


There is about 26 hours left to get your picks in.

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Haven't played in years because I feel like I jinx them, but I will try again. I pick Luke Johnson

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