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SIOUX vs. GOPHERS - Thursday, F4 Philly style Gameday

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I spend most of the night and this morning thinking about and evaluating last nights heartbreaking loss. All I kept thinking about was, oh great, another semifinal loss in the Frozen Four. But after

Two comments. Because I'm not going to go back and read this entire thread, I apologize if I repeat what anyone else has posted. First, don't get caught up in the "agony" of the .6 second thing.

Off to bed...over/under is 63 times I replay those last few seconds before I fall asleep..............

Same, I'm going to be thinking of it all night. With that said though, Minnesota's road to getting #6 hasn't been easy. If they beat Union on Saturday, there is no question they earned it.

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We made it to the Frozen four this year when no one ever thought we had a chance.

Great game and outstanding preformance IMO tonite.

Look at our roster for the next 2 years!??? We are Rockin' it!

Tonite was extremely painful, but puck bounce where they do....we have a couple more to come, if not, more!


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2005 vs. Denver, a 4-1 loss

Tonight was the 6th consecutive loss in the Frozen Four.

And probably the most painful of them all.

Oh man going on a decade just to reach the championship game?! :( and I thought the 87 to 97 drought looked bad at the time.

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The Sioux made me very proud tonight. They played great. Tough loss, but then again they always are when you play well enough to win. No shame losing to this Gopher team. They have all the weapons, and outstanding goal tending. I think Union might have the edge however. Should be a great title bout.

Also, try not to post when you're angry. Crack open another beer, relax, it will all be fine. The boys will bring this level of play back next season and see where it goes.

taz digs the Sioux!

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All I can say is, I hope the Fire Hakstol fools will give the guy a stay of execution over the summer. There is no question that he did have the boys ready to come out and play against Minnesota. Just a !@#!$ deal with the end result.

I was silently hoping to myself that this years team would win #8. Mainly because this was with no question the least heralded and unlikely team we've had in quite a while. This team went farther than most people expected.

This sucks but it is how it goes some times. I just hope that UND can get #8 soon. These kinds of losses take a toll on the heart.

PS Thank you seniors!!!! Going to miss all of them. Especially Simpson.

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Thought on the last play, we had three guys between the Gopher shooters and Goth erg and not one of them laid down. Anybody lays down and we go to OT. There was only 2 secs left, block it!

I know, hindsight 20/20. Damn.

Dillon tried but just missed it. Watched it again several times. Bummed out.

GO SIOUX! Proud of the boys. Great game.

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