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Grand Forks Economy

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1 minute ago, Cratter said:

North Dakota taxable sales rose 10%.

Except Grand Forks it dropped 11%, the largest in the state.


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1 hour ago, UNDBIZ said:

So does Hugo's plan to build this store before the one on the south end which was part of another development?  People bought townhouses on the south end with that development in mind, so I would hope Hugo's would honor that development first. 

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Fargo has been so blessed with local corporations that have hit grand slams economically.  Great Plains software was the first and Aldevron may be the second.  http://www.inforum.com/news/science-and-nature/4503280-aldevron-fargos-next-microsoft-homegrown-biotechnology-firm   Biotech is so competive and Aldevron seems to have found a supply niche where they have filled a gap.

I don’t count cooperatives or the State Mill as they don’t create nearly the value and are mainly interested in surviving, not diversifying or investing in other related fields.

The aerospace companies in Grand Forks aren’t based there so they don’t create nearly the long term value.  Polaris, Digi Key and Marvin Windows are examples that have.

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