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Sioux Survivor Game #4 for 2011-2012

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Anyone can enter. Only 1 entry per person

Each night the Sioux play, you are allowed to select 1 Sioux player you think will score a goal.

Your player must score or you are eliminated from the competition.

If your player scores a goal, you will move on to the next night the Sioux play.

You will again select 1 Sioux player you think will score a goal, HOWEVER, you may not select the player you used in the previous round(s) as you can only use each player 1 time, and 1 time only.

Again, if your player does not score a goal, you are eliminated. If your player does score a goal, you will again move on to the next night the Sioux play. Last one standing is the SURVIVOR!

***You MUST post your selection by replying to this thread.***

All selections must be in 1/2 hour prior to game time(ex. game time 737p, picks must be in by 700p). We will be using this boards clock as the official clock.

If you qualify but miss a game, you are automatically ELIMINATED from the game.

If all people are eliminated in the same night, all players that were eligible for that game will carry over to the next Sioux game as though all their players scored the previous night.

You are allowed to post "if I make it" picks for a weekend series. For example: Sioux play Fri/Sat. You can make your picks for both games, please post these in the same post.

Once your selection is made, you can NOT change it. Be aware of who is dressing and who is not, it is YOUR responsibility to find out!

Shootout goals do NOT count as a goal scored.

When down to 2 players, each participant must select a different player.

Siouxsports.com will be used for all official stats and time keeping.

Past winners:

2007-2008 Winners:

Game #1: Nodakvindy (79 entries)

Game #2: NorthDakotaHockey (84 entries)

Game #3: Ray77 (124 entries)

Game #4: soSIOUXme (80 entries)

2008-2009 Winners:

Game #1: draftsman74 (105 entries)

Game #2: schmidtdoggydog (78 entries)

Game #3: *Reformed Gphr Fan (44 entries)

Game #4: Ice Arena Man (94 entries)

2009-2010 Winners:

Game #1: SteveP (134 entries)

Game #2: Hrkac (111 entries)

Game #3: *Reformed Gphr Fan (98 entries)

Game #4: I Ranger (107 entries)

Game #5: deansteg (109 entries)

Game #6: SiouxSax (98 entries)

Game #7: Walsh Hall (102 entries)

2010-2011 Winners:

Game #1: AmericanSoldier15u

Game #2: BigSioux

Game #3: siouxknocka

Game #4: *siouxzy

Game #5: minotsiouxfan

Game #6: sprig

Game #7: SiouxScore

Game #8: u2numb

2011-2012 Winners:

Game #1: UND85

Game #2: *siouxzy

Game #3: 808287

*Multiple Winner

Picks must be posted by 6:37pm on Saturday, December 9, 2011

Good Luck and GO SIOUX!!

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I am picking Nelson.

Reminder, I will no longer be reminding you if you pick someone that you chose in earlier rounds or if you pick someone that we know is not going to be playing. Once your pick is made, it has been made.

Thank you for keeping the game fun for everyone!

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