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On 7/28/2021 at 4:45 PM, scpa0305 said:

Interesting. USHL is a much tougher league.

Needed a change of scenery IMHO.  Numbers not great in Iowa.  Heard some scout talk of fighting the puck and then some.

Only 18, so maybe getting hung out to dry a couple seasons in the wide open BC may get him on track.

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4 hours ago, AJS said:

Great day by Berry and the Coaching staff! All three recruits (1 last year, 2 for this upcoming year) were tenders for their respective USHL teams. High end. 

All seem like great humans and great hockey players.


"He's so special," Needham said. "He is an elite, high-skilled forward that is unbelievably intelligent. He's a really strong skater. He's going to fit very well with the Chicago Steel and that style of play. I think he's so under the radar, which just blows my mind. But I think he's a guy that ends up doing a lot for Hockey Canada and takes the USHL by storm next year.

"His character. . . he's everything North Dakota hockey, I feel like, tries to identify when they recruit. For me, personally, what he has done just in terms of his focus, his training, how much he loves hockey. . . . what he's done for our culture in the Sioux Falls Power program, I'm so thankful. He's a special kid."


"He's probably the best teammate I've ever coached," said Ryan Ward, who coached Strathmann last season and serves as Tri-City's director of player development. "He's insanely loyal. He's a guy who tries to make teammates better every single practice. He's ultra, ultra competitive in anything he does, which is great. Any time you have a captain and leader like that, it just elevates everyone's game and speeds up the development process exponentially. He set the tone every single day last year. He has a genuine ability to lead. He's a leader of men."


"He loves UND," Needham said of Livanavage. "He's so excited to play there. Both of these guys (Perron and Livanavage) are. It's a dream of theirs. They're really highly touted prospects and they're so proud to play there."

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3 hours ago, ChadR said:

USHL released their initial 30 man rosters:


Lot of our recruits playing in this league this year. Tri-City, Chicago, Muskegon all have multiple of ours. 

Didn't see Jaksen Panzer on Sioux Falls? Braden is on the Force initial list.


I don't believe Panzer cut the squad this year. Which is fine. Still relatively young. Ausmus did.

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Jackson Blake was first star and Jayden Perron second for Chicago preseason game against Muskegon. Blake had 2 goals and an assist, and Perron 2 goals.  Livanavage also with an assist for Chicago, and Strinden with a goal for Muskegon.

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