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Yale vs UND Game day

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Well, game over.Another pathetic performance in the NCAA tournament along with being the 6th regional final in 7 years and 0 national championships. Sorry to say it but the WCHA is not all its cra

Game Over. Sioux don't have it today. Yale is outplaying us all over the rink.

We sure are playing like its over, we can set the record with the most consecutive tourny appearances and no national titles

In the same way they'll blow the whistle for delayed offsides if a player doesn't make a motion to head out of the zone, they should blow the whistle if it's clear the player is making a point NOT to play the puck when he's the only one in position to do so.

Agreed. He stood there with his back arched out until he got hit. Gregoire could've tried to stick his stick between his legs, but he would've went down then too. It was a no win situation. Then he delayed getting up, acting like he's shaken up from the "massive" hit.

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