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Who is going to Cornell?


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Thanks for the info. I was going to drive up I-81. Is the campus and hockey arena easy to find?

Yes, here's standard directions:

I-81 (from the south): Take exit 8 at Whitney Point; follow Route 79 West all the way to Ithaca. At the flashing yellow light (intersection with Pine Tree Road), turn right onto Pine Tree Road; continue to the end of Pine Tree Road at the intersection with Route 366 (flashing red light). Turn left onto Route 366; continue to the flashing yellow light and proceed straight onto Hoy Road; the parking garage and stadium will be on your right. Hoy Road ends at the intersection with Campus Road; turn right onto Campus Road to reach Lynah Rink.

If you do a Google map search for Newman Arena, Lynah will show up adjacent to it. In fact you can get to the rink more easily by turning right off Pine Tree Road on Route 366. Then left on Judd Falls Road, left on Campus Road. Once you pass Wing Road you'll see parking on the right. There's parking all along Campus Road up to Newman Arena (Also known as Bartels Hall). There's also a wrestling match with Lehigh so parking will be tight. So if it looks packed take the first space you see and walk. Walk along to Bartel's Hall, enter and keep walking west and you'll see tables set up for selling jerseys, etc.. Past that you'll walk to the attached rink.

Where are your tickets? Visitors are usually in Sec. O. Here's a seating chart. If you go by official directions and park in the garage you'll enter from the open end at section A. That's the students entrance. Walk into section A and there's a walkway at the end of the rink over to section O. If you come by my directions you'll be at the F,G,H,J end. I'm in section L row 11 seat 23. It's on the section K end of the row. Stop by, you'll need to convince the attendant you just want to visit as with your ticket they won't want to let you down.

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Thank you VERY much for the detailed information. I am going to try to get to the campus in daylight so I can look around and hopefully buy an extra ticket from someone outside.

I sent you this message:

I've got an extra that I'm trying to sell. Call me at 315-877-1180 if you need it. Good luck, but not too much of it, tonight.

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