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As per the rules: Since nobody that was picked, scored, we will continue on as though all those who were selected, scored.

There are a few who need to submit picks yet. They need to be submitted by today, Saturday December 13th by 630p central time.


Too bad the rules don't revert back to the last person that picked Lamoureux being the winner. Damn (lack of) lineup changes last Saturday.

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CONGRATS to those moving on yet again!!

5. AZSioux - Toews Duncan Hextall

24. Siouxtimestwo - Genoway Gregoire Vande Velde

26. andrea6977 - Genoway Duncan Hextall

32. Sundog - Genoway Toews Duncan

40. sioux canada - Frattin Hextall Duncan

55. Ice Arena Man - Duncan Hextall Toews

61. schmidtdoggydog - Duncan Vande Velde Hextall

65. undbison - Duncan Vande Velde Toews

71. SiouxCrioux1 - Toews Miller Duncan

77. Speez - Duncan Kozek Vande Velde

Picks must be posted by 700p Friday, December 19th.

There is only 1 game this weekend, so please post only 1 pick(no "if I make it" picks)

Good Luck!!

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