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Found 3 results

  1. MDtoGF

    Soccer 2017-2018 Season

    UND won its Exhibition opener 1-0 yesterday. They generated a ton of chances. Below is a more detailed recap and quote from our new coach Chris Logan. This is an offensively minded team that will earn a lot of chances this year. seamoresports.com/2017/08/13/und-flies-past-jamestown-1-0-in-exhibition-opener/
  2. BobIwabuchiFan

    Oh, the Anxiety....

    I read today the article on the new TV schedule for the Big Sky on DirecTv and I am so anxious about our ability to get into the Big Sky...I know they state we are on the schedule, but like Faison and Kelley say we are in a precarious position with the Big Sky by not getting rid of the Sioux nickname...I'm just waiting for the final shoe to fall and UND will be kicked out of the Big Sky which they aren't technically members yet...Oh, the anxiety...I hope the sky doesn't fall! BobIwabuchiFan
  3. Smoggy

    Fullerton Interview

    This article is a very informative interview. Doug Fullerton seems to like to talk, though it seems like always to Sacramento. I could have put this in every category on Sioux Sports except for hockey. Football has the biggest tie to Big Sky so I chose here. It's long but good. http://sacstatesport...rton/#more-1189 I quoted the direct stuff on UND. He also covers wanting to add a like minded 12th all sports member, but they are being very careful. Talks a lot about the conference shake ups. Also mentions basketball tournament and that a new TV deal is coming in next 30 days.