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Found 10 results

  1. A while back I posted some thoughts regarding Don Lucia's position on the Sioux vs Gophers rivalry and his expressed decision to discontinue (for the first time in a half century) college hockey's greatest rivalry. Lucia in turns out is UNILATERALLY responsible for the dissemination of the historied rivalry and explaining such with proclamations of unhealthiness. I firmly believe that his actions should be ranked as some of the most destructive, detrimental acts in the entire history of college hockey. He unilaterally made a decision for thousands of individuals who have had and continue to have great investment and passion for this rivalry. With whom of them did he consult before his frivolous decree? What Lucia said and did regarding one of college sports greatest rivalries? . (as I posted before:)...He made it all very clear when he said the following to explain and justify why he chose not to schedule games against the Sioux for the next three years!! "It isn't a healthy rivalry" and you get a little peak into the mind of a pathetic man who can't handle being soundly beaten so he conjures a self-serving paradigm that does nothing positive for anyone, is totally bogus, completely disregards the reality of the situation and spits in the face of blood, sweat and tears lost over decades upon decades of fiercely intense rivalry and competition. In that post I asked but one simple question, "Does this show any disrespect for the thousands of student athletes and coaches who have a great deal of passion for this rivalry and what it means?" and further, "What kind of a man feels bestowed with the prerogative to unilaterally adjudicate the "health" of a rivalry and thereto sentence the extermination of such a storied tradition?" ...Ask yourself this Lucia, What would Herb Brooks say about the Sioux v Gophers rivalry and the importance of preserving it? What would Neil Broten say? Pete Hankinson? Eddie Belfour? Blake Wheeler?, How bout your predecessor Woogie?.. Yes Lucia, I could go on and on, as is usually the case wherein there is a historic rivalry being considered. You sure did make a call for a lot of folks didn't you? ... Maybe your next step is to be nominated for the supreme court? Or maybe you should decide US troop movements in Afghanistan? Hail Father Lucia!! He knows best.. I would say you are a sad and pathetic excuse for a hockey man but I think simply pointing out how much bad you have done for college hockey pretty much covers that one. I will close with some quotes and links I've seen regarding the rivalry. Did I missed the ones that speak to this unhealthiness? I saw this quote today on the Gopher Puck Live site today regarding the Sioux vs Gophers rivalry. Written by a Gophers fan: "Ya this series would be a good way to promote college hockey. I honestly think this is one of the better rivalries in all of college sports." another Gopher fan replied, "It is one of the best in all of college sports. I've lived in Alabama (got to see 'Bama/Auburn week), Raleigh (got to be there for UNC/Duke) and I've been in Texas for a long time (A&M/tu, OU/tu). The Gophers/TBD rivalry is right up there, although the 'Bama/Auburn hatred is on a whole other level." How about Nick Bjustad last year after game vs the SIOUX: "obviously playing North Dakota at our place is crazy, the fans are into it, there's just no better game you can play, its a man's game..." Here are some more links I posted earlier; "This rivalry has more hatred than UNC-Duke’s basketball rivalry and Oklahoma-Texas’ football rivalry combined." http://www.thesports...rrated-rivalry/ http://www.1500espn....keys_best110211 http://www.uscho.com...th-dakota-week/ http://www.startribu.../133203098.html http://www.foxsports...?blockID=689976 "Rivalries in sports are something that everyone needs. You need those rivalry games, it wraps the organization and community together." http://charliecloud....ophers-and-und/
  2. Two prime lower bowl tickets for Saturday vs Gophers for sale. 113 C seats 1 and 2. They are 3 rows behind the goalie on the isle. Would like $400 for the pair. PM me or text 701 740 1607.
  3. Hello,I have 1 ticket available for the October 21st 7:37 pm University of North Dakota vs. Minnesota Gophers Men's Hockey Game at the Ralph Engelstad Arena. Section 302 Row H Seat 8, this is the end that UND shoots at twice. Great seat!! I am asking $50 (half price of face value!!) for the single seat. The ticket is located in Grand Forks and I will accept PayPal and deliver the ticket to will call at the Ralph or we can meet in Grand Forks for payment and delivery. Please text or call 701-527-2664 if interested.Thank you,Chris
  4. I am selling 2 lower bowl tickets on the end UND shoots on twice for Saturday night! The view from the seats shown below:
  5. I have 2 in 303 available for Friday. Looking for $150/each. Text me at 701-429-1003.
  6. Two tickets to Saturday's Gopher game. Section 303, Row J, Seats 17-18 -- this is end UND shoots at twice. $400 for pair OBO. DM if interested.
  7. Section 303, Row J, Seats 17-18. Please DM if interested.
  8. I have 4 tickets I am unable to use due to a family emergency. I am asking face value, $120/ticket OBO. Tickets are for Friday 11/4 Hard tickets in hand. Section 11 Row 19 Seats 5-8 Call or text 701-341-0627
  9. Read the following: http://www.1500espn....state_law032113 Basically State Representative Ryan Winkler (DFL-Golden Valley) is introducing a bill that would fund UM $800,000 from the state's general funds every year they play us (just once is required). We can make jokes about this for years: We know the price for the Gophers to lose a game. Plus we can make fun of the Bison fans, since NO ONE but them think its a big deal that UM won't play them anymore. No one is paying money to save NDSU on their schedule... Good first post, huh:) edit- oh no, I had a typo in the subject title, and don't know how to change it:(
  10. The women take on the Gophers this weekend (7:07 Friday and Saturday). It's white-out weekend! Last year the Sioux swept the Gophers at home and Jocelyn Lamoureux had her "spin-o-rama" goal on a break away. Come out and support the team! It should be a good weekend of hockey.
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