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Found 2 results

  1. Midwestern Hawk

    Montana State Predictions

    Before last weeks debacle at USD, I would have thought UND would be favored for a solid win vs MSU. Now I am not so sure. Was the USD game an aberration caused by overconfidence on the part of the team and the staff? Did it expose some flaws in the team, maybe or maybe not caused by injuries? Was the staff a little lax in the preparation of the team? At this point I vote that last Saturday was the 'perfect storm' caused by overconfidence, injuries, and running into a really 'hot' opponent with a chip on its shoulder that played a great game. I think Schmidt will have a better plan to deal with a depleted defense and MSU will score less than 24. I am sure Rudy(encouraged by Bubba) will be putting together a game plan to control the clock and make it easier for the defense. Taubenheim needs to be better with his kicks and Santiago needs to have more good returns. I say Olivera has another big game vs MSU and we run for 250 plus as a team. Studsrud and the receivers have a better game and he passes for 200 plus. Defense has a td and finds a way to stop Murray. No more than 5 penalties and we convert 70% on third down. UND 27-21.
  2. Sioux94

    MSU Game Day Thread

    I didn't see a GDT for this game so starting one for those of us watching online. At least Eversport seems to be working today.