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  1. 12 minutes ago, UNDlaw80 said:

    Elect a clown, expect a circus.  


    "Russia and other countries took advantage of the Transition Team's inexperience, transparent opposition to Obama Administration policies, and Trump's desire to deepen ties with Russia, to pursue unofficial channels through which Russia could conduct diplomacy," the report said. "The lack of vetting of foreign interactions by Transition officials left the Transition open to influence and manipulation by foreign intelligence services, government leaders, and co-opted business executives."

    It added, "Russian officials, intelligence services, and others acting on the Kremlin's behalf were capable of exploiting the Transition's shortcomings for Russia's advantage. Based on available information it is possible — and even likely — that they did so."


    Nice little echo chamber the two of you have going. Very cute.

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  2. 3 hours ago, Hayduke1 said:

    They live in your head.  Rent free.

    You know how you can get rid of them?

    Fill up a bucket of water.  Immerse your head all the way in it for five straight minutes.


    That will take care of the "problem". 


    What an absolutely vile comment. Nothing like suggesting someone should kill himself because they have a different opinion than you. You should be ashamed. 

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  3. 5 minutes ago, BarnWinterSportsEngelstad said:

    No easy answers to this pandemic. In 5 years we could have a lady President, even sooner if  "Judge" Jeanine Pirro has her way.


    Full disclosure, I voted for the orange flavor.


    He’s not understanding that he’s nothing more than temporary hired help working for us. Verses, it’s all about what is good for him.

    His hate to the press & calling it “fake news” - more accurately fake points towards his comments.

    Media keeps the bosses informed, that is us! Without the media, we all might be drinking hydroxychloroquine.

    He's slide the Presidency away from the Constitution.

    He does not try to unite the American people.


    We need to get to some kind of American normal politics.

    The office of the Presidency needs to regain it's due respect.


    The Question this Week — “You ready to go to work?” he said, to which she replied, “Oh my God, I am so ready”.


    Biden/Harris will get my vote in November. 
    Many notable R already committed to Vote the D ticket.

    Fantastic way of avoiding the question. Well done. 

    Thanks for the update on how you feel though. We were all so worried. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Oxbow6 said:

    "Trust the experts".........

    Seems Pelosi not buying it. Said she has "no confidence" in Dr. Birx and also said Birx was "the worst". Pelosi has hailed Fauci a "hero".


    Again Pelosi is the one that said the "greatest risk" to the spread of Covid moving forward is sending kids back to school.

    If only Dr. Birx could throw a pitch more than 6' off the plate.......

    I think it's an attack on women. Shameful, really.

  5. 55 minutes ago, Redneksioux said:

    Timing is spot on. Plus it was basically a Rona party. Thousands of attendees indoors, screaming and dancing and very few wearing masks. Would things be different if the ring leader would have only recommended precautions or held it outdoors, we’ll never know. Everyone gets to make their own decisions though, please keep in mind your decisions can affect others.

    Glad his death works out pretty well for you two.

  6. 4 minutes ago, Hayduke1 said:

    He apologized almost immediately.  He will get 95% + of the Black vote.

    Mary Trump said Donald and family throw around the N word frequently.  Black know he is a racist POS. 

    So there should be a lot of evidence backing up that claim then, right? I'll wait for you to find it.

  7. 37 minutes ago, wxman91 said:

    Not even sure whether it is worth diving back into this thread, but I came across some interesting points from a local (Virginia) school board meeting that shows the difficulty in the opening decision.


    • 25% of custodial staff either tested positive or had to quarantine this summer
    • Extended Day summer camp - 5 out of 50 kids had to be sent home with fevers. Also a family lied on the daily health questions. Family members were at home waiting for covid test results but they sent their kids in.
    • A whole lot of teachers put in for retirement or a year leave of absence

    I find this statement hilarious coming from you because you've done nothing here except spew your bias beliefs. Quit acting like you're better than us and just own it.

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  8. 55 minutes ago, UNDlaw80 said:

    Yea the GOP has been hijacked.  It is now essentially the "white grievance party".  The Party of Reagan is long gone.      

    That said, they've always thrown a bone to the poor white south.  Smart move.   They've economically exploited these individuals while culturally throwing them a a cultural bone of "gods, guns, jesus".  

    "Inserts GIF dropping n-bomb"

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  9. 3 minutes ago, petey23 said:

    As the media has switched the narrative from number of deaths to number of positive cases they count on very few people asking why.

    I realize that number of deaths lag from the number of cases but you will never see it noted that the death rate over the last month seems to have shrunk by about 300% from .05 to .017. 

    If you look at the numbers based on positive cases and number of deaths from the start up until a month ago about 50,000 more deaths would have been expected between June 22 and today if the rate had held. 


    No. You clearly need to just wait two more weeks.

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  10. 47 minutes ago, yzerman19 said:

    How about:

    1.  If you are sick with symptoms stay home for 14 days.  

    2.  If you are exposed to someone who is sick, wait 5 days in self quarantine then get a test. If sick stay home for 14 days.

    3.  If you are vulnerable, stay home.

    4.  If you are healthy and not vulnerable, then a.  If with strangers, crowds, unknowns, then wear a mask, wash your hands, and social distance as much as possible, be outside rather than inside if possible.  b.  If with people you know and trust and believe to be healthy,  live normal.


    So personal responsibility? We should have that? But life is easier if the government just tells me I'm not allowed to do anything...

  11. 1 minute ago, Hayduke1 said:

    Do you want a tissue or a hug?

    Neither. You can go on and keep being hateful and spiteful towards people you disagree with, but by doing this you're no better than what you accuse Trump of being. Maybe, just maybe, you can try to be better. I'll hang up and listen, have a good night!

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  12. 13 minutes ago, gfNDfan said:

    This is the problem.   ANYTIME a cop presses his body weighted knee into someone's neck while he's screaming out "I can't breathe" for 8 MINUTES it's wrong.  PERIOD!   This wasn't a situation where a guy was shooting people in the street and had to be detained by any means - that's fine.    Find some weirdo white guy who shoots up a school and kills people.   PRESS YOUR KNEE ON HIS NECK ALL DAY!   I don't care.   Floyd was ACCUSED of passing a fake $20 bill...not even verified if it actually was fake and Chauvin did that to him.   Do think he would have done that to stupid white kid accused of the same?   Hell NO!   He's a f*cking racist.

    There's no evidence the kids that shot DiLorenzo did so because he was white - that's the difference.  And that's not to excuse them because street criminals who murder should go to jail for a long time too.  I'm just saying a lot of people who are "pretending" to share condolences here where calling for DiLorenzo's head before he resigned.   You know who you are...

    You do know that it is entirely possible to be upset and not like a job someone is doing, and still feel sad and offer condolences when tragedy strikes. It's called being a human being.

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  13. 56 minutes ago, Hayduke1 said:

    You do realize I'm probably right.  That must just eat you up.


    Suck it up, buttercup.  You can hide out and listen to Rush, or at least his old shows when he kicks the bucket.  


    The world would be a better place if people didn't hate others as much as you seem to hate anybody who disagrees with you. 

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