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  1. If you compare QB coaches I don't think it's a stretch to say we have a better than 50/50 shot. Que the SU posters!!
  2. Hedberg is a follower. He usually waits to see what others are doing. Hedberg likes counting orange stars along with pink hearts, yellow moons, and green clovers. #magicallydelicious
  3. Right, you could tell by on field performance. Foles elevates the team, Carson is only as good as the team he is on.
  4. So Mr. smart guy came up with an indian with capital N balls by his mouth then Sioux Suck Sh.....t on back? Really confusing.
  5. I don't mind Johnny Jumpers when it's logical. Obviously on a PWO basis the Gophers is better than NDJuiceU, and a scholarship at FCS is another direction/discussion than being a PWO at FBS.
  6. I am not on the Chapman theory, as stated in my post.
  7. I think these are all pretty easy answers.
  8. I have hypothesized this for a long time. SU has a victory at any cost approach to football. Coaches providing stimulants......I am sure this was the 1st and only time and just a paperwork mistake, lmfao!! Part of me admires it. If no one else knows and you don't get caught.......fairly easy trade for National Titles.
  9. gundy1124

    2019 Season

    Music sucks, most of the target audience wears their pants around their waste, not the bottom of the butt.
  10. He moonlights in supplement sales, will probably cover the salary gap in the locker room alone.
  11. Old Stale Blood at offensive coordinator......or is this a trend? I will take Danny over Juice Coordinator at NDJuiceU any day. Rutgers guys seems like a mystery.......worst offense in college football, let's grab from that staff. Good for them!! Headberg, associate HC. LMAO on this one, from personal experience I am an expert on this one!!
  12. gundy1124

    2019 Season

    Wasn't he getting some FBS looks then schools backed off?
  13. Probably vetting his list of preferred stimulants that he feeds to players!!
  14. My deep inside source said the substance was given to the players and I won't say by whom, but can confirm what FlinFlan said.
  15. Guys were juicing in the early 90's, but that fell off to other 'like' steroids? NCAA was adding things right and left in late 90's, banned substances.
  16. Are you a lost sheep following the herd? (yes) There are hundreds if not thousands of things out there Dr. Dipsh-t. And it could be something legal, too, but I did attach a comment that made it seem like it is something illegal. The streak is defying logic along with a recent substance abuse that was 'recently added' to the list. Seems like a Barry Bonds scenario in that yes, you need incredible skills to hit the ball out of the park, but no, your head shouldn't be growing after the age of 18. I am not convinced SU broke any rules outside the norm, but not convinced they didn't either.
  17. When I saw a back-up defensive lineman for NDSU smoke a K-State O lineman and then smoke their running back I remember casually saying, "I think their players are on something cause this just doesn't make any sense". The SU back-up looked like Reggie White throwing FBS players around. I have often wondered how SU can physically beat every team they face, FCS or FBS. I can't be the only one to wonder.......and no, it's not the strength coach being ahead of the rest of the universe for 8 years in a row.
  18. gundy1124

    Fire Saban

    Clemson did it with a lot of freshman and sophomores on offense. They must be super geniuses to get on the field and know where to line up, run, pass, catch, throw, etc.
  19. Really, quite embarrassing. I can't believe that guy coached anything above peewee football.
  20. Maybe their system doesn't take 4 years to learn. I think some have grown used to our highly complex system in which only 6 year hard shipped seniors with honors grasp the system half way through their final season....... Now I am exaggerating and I hope that trend is behind us, but no official rule of thumb exists in which Freshman or Sophomores can't be highly successful. I wouldn't bank on SU being down on talent, but hopefully a bad hire at a coordinator spot would be nice, then stick with him, or her, for 5 years.
  21. You sure you didn't punch a locker, that's kind of a thing down there!!!
  22. **Unless 20 of your 60 plays in a game are toss, then even Mississippi Valley State can stop you.
  23. Speaking of Wentz, I am not certain he was the best QB on the team at SU and he sure isn't the best on his Philly team. If he wasn't 6' 5" no one outside of this area would even know his name. Que the BiZon head explosions now!! What did Wentz do that Jenson and Stick didn't?? What did Foles do that Wentz didn't....oh, the Super Bowl and playoff rally this year.
  24. I thought it said he assaulted someone, not good. I played in a game, missing our NFL TE while UNC had their NFL D Lineman. You can say "next man up" but that's just something people say. It hurt us a lot.
  25. I didn't watch, didn't care to watch things go the way SU planned. I did predict something like a top player for EWU would be out, and sure enough I read today the defensive big sky POY was out on the D line for EWU. You can't make this stuff up.
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