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  1. (Probably the worst college nickname fiasco death in history.) WE'RE #1, WE'RE #1, WE'RE #1!!!! We totally did dominate if this was a contest!!
  2. According to the article. A player would limit out at around 6- 8 cups of coffee. Looking on-line a player would exceed the limit with 3 5-hour energies or 5 red bulls. I don't think 1 5-hour energy is the culprit here. These players by normal standards are 'big' and with how fast their bodies are running during a full game, I would assume you'd really have to load up to fail a drug test based on caffeine levels. My heart races at 100 mg........500 mgs is a lot.
  3. Plenty of quotes from the Robbins(s), you must have missed it.
  4. .....or 8 years or so for any honest coverage.
  5. For how many games and years then?....Mr Facts? BN has been around for years at SU.
  6. That's right, 'mom' is an emotional wreck too fragile and weak to think rationally in a high stress situation. I hope you guys keep saying this, it will make it funnier in the end!!
  7. Easy- Fighting Hawk on one side and Ben Newman on the other.
  8. "Clean Victory" (love the name) but then with a Secret Sauce!! I love the plot twist. Is this going to be a Hallmark Movie or more likely ESPN Outside the Lines. Seriously, the suspense has me on the edge of my seat. I have been keeping the Jacks apprised of the key details. They might want to call this in to the NCAA and claim a few National Titles for themselves.
  9. This is what I was told, too. Also, many guys didn't want Ben Newman around, thought he was a clown, and had suspicions about him. And now, are pissed the Administration is letting Robbins take the fall, "student provided".
  10. The biggest fake narrative on this story is the "student provided to player" version the Administration (Deep State) is putting out. Also, have to follow the $$ on good ole Benny Boy, let's just see how he was paid.
  11. Now you are comparing apples to kumquats.
  12. Depends on how they played!!
  13. Pretty ridiculous, because UND didn't back channel a "motivational speaker" for years. And the player took it on his own.
  14. That's why you need to test internally, too, cuts the number of positive tests by 2/3rds.
  15. Note to Ben. Either the drug testing has gotten better or you got a bad batch of "Pre-Workout".
  16. Obviously, the substance wasn't suppose to be detected. I think Newman does have some explaining to do, which he does well with his proven tools and methods from YOUR Mental Toughness Playbook. There is another twist coming on how Newman was paid, can't wait on how this is explained!!
  17. "Ben’s proven tools and methods from YOUR Mental Toughness Playbook" Instant Classic. Ironically, Alabama hires this slime-ball, too. Could have guessed that one.
  18. Other than manhandling K. State, remember the undersized, not overly fast, not overly strong LB that played like incredible hulk? Was it Beck? I think we know why. And SU is notorious for guys playing way 'bigger' than their actual size. All makes sense now when I called this out years ago, and was called crazy by the SU posters. (Crazy Smart)
  19. Or with the help of their 'internal' drug testing, they thought they would never test +. Do a lot of teams do their own testing, internally? I found this part of the story interesting.
  20. I did have a theory. It was supposed to be in/out of the system quickly or masked by something else. Why would a staff member provide something if there was even a chance at a + test?? The mom and player said what they said, "used throughout the locker room." I think we need this on a t-shirt.
  21. As someone mentioned, random is random. The guy on the team that looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger has the same chance of being tested as a walk-on WR at 175 lbs. Also, it maybe something in and out of the system in that NDJuiceU thought it was fool proof, until a player took a double dose. (since the SU guys are full of innocent conspiracies) It makes sense, but I don't know the science behind cheating, I was a clean player when I played.
  22. "Used throughout the locker room" seems pretty damming.
  23. Arguably the easiest FCS school to recruit to needs an 'excellent' recruiter?? I'd be more worried about the X's and O's with the new staff.
  24. I think the Klabo / Lennon split went as expected. I was told Lennon is bigger, 15 lbs and runs better. I'm sure Kramer has some delicious shakes for Klabo, won't be an issue adding 60 lbs quickly.
  25. Good little Randy, do everything Danny is doing. Does Graetz want to live in the now or sit on Santa's lap? That's the real question.
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