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  1. 21 minutes ago, Shawn-O said:

    TCO Performance Center, US Bank Stadium, and the patient management style of the Wilfs.  Vikings hands down.   

    30 below zero or some alligators and voodoo priestesses...easy choice

  2. 7 minutes ago, Washburn Sioux said:

    Western had a lot of their players return for their 5th season. Imagine the difference if we could have had all of our players that left, return for this season, would have been completely different. Still sucks regardless.

    imagine if we had a world class university, city, and arena to recruit to.....or just be western michigan

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  3. 5 minutes ago, SlowHand said:

    NDSU actually did try to schedule Alabama.  Alabama said no.  I am not sure why, since they play Mercer often.  They would destroy NDSU, but you cant say NDSU didnt try to schedule them.

    "come at me bro".......(while one 170lbs friend holds you back with one hand)

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  4. so under this plan about 12 fcs teams would finally move up and  fill out the MWC, AAC, MAC, and sun belt....

    so essentially Alabama would play the best team of 32 schools of the MWC and Sun Belt (lookin' at you NDAC)....here's the game Izzo wants...primetime...on ESPN...in Tuscaloosa.

    and Georgia (seed 2) would get the best team from the AAC and the MAC.....Akron Zips anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i have a whole google sheets powerpoint built for this idea....

    every year on the same day all 16 MWC conference members play their sister conference Sun Belt teams and the winner of the most games hosts that super conference championship game on campus with the winner going to the 16 team playoffs

    same thing for the AAC and their sister conference the MAC

    plus ....the 8 northern MWC schools play the 8 southern schools on the same day and whatever division has the most wins host the MWC championship on campus too.....

    same with AAC / MAC

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