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  1. 26 minutes ago, NDSU grad said:

    What I’ve heard is she had a drug overdose two days prior to her death.  Also had contracted MRSA and pneumonia prior to testing positive. 

    so she could've died from 3 (mrsa, pneumonia, or heroin)  things but Burgum went full fearporn and said Covid now "wear your masks!"

  2. 5 minutes ago, Hayduke1 said:

    Yup.  This is Trump's America...at least for a few more months. 

    Europeans Say COVID-19 Revealed America as 'Fragile,' Inconsiderate



    go outside and go for a walk...you'd be surpised to find out that it's kinda nice out there (unless u live in portland)

  3. any Western Nodakers wanna look into the link above and see if the assumption of a drug od was the true cause of death...her name should be pretty easy to get from the obits and then ask around....

    nice journalisming done over there ....making the heraldo look bad again.

    surprised rob port hasn't done some digging into the "with" or "of" cod

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  4. 5 minutes ago, 1972 said:



    August 4, 2020



    By Neal A. Shipman

    Farmer Editor

    When a North Dakota resident is reported by the North Dakota Department of Health as having died of the COVID-19 virus it becomes big news. And it should be news considering how alarmed the public can be when the number of coronavirus cases start rising in the state as they have been for the past several weeks.
    But there is a big difference when the state reports a person of dying either “with” or “of” COVID-19.
    As the terms imply, if a person dies “with” COVID, it means that at one time or another that person tested positive for the virus prior to their death. The actual cause of the death could have been any number of underlying health conditions, but the official death certificate lists the virus as the cause.
    But if that person dies “of” COVID, then it can safely be assumed that the virus was the primary cause of that individual’s death.
    So why am I addressing the difference between “with” and “of” in this week’s column?
    The answer is because last week North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, during a July 28 press briefing, reported that a McKenzie County woman in her 20s with no underlying health conditions had died “with” COVID and that she was the youngest person to die of the virus in the state.
    Immediately we, at the McKenzie County Farmer began trying to find out as much information as we could as to the circumstances of this young woman’s death. We realized that we could not obtain any direct information from the state regarding the woman’s death, but we were able to piece together some details. Unfortunately, we have not been able to confirm any of the details.
    This is what we have learned. The McKenzie County woman had previously tested positive for COVID-19, but the North Dakota Health Department did not provide any information as to how long ago she tested positive. But based on the unconfirmed information that we received from multiple sources, it is very apparent that she did not die “from” the virus but rather from an unconfirmed drug overdose.
    So theoretically, on July 28, a McKenzie County woman did die. And at some point and time, she had tested positive for COVID-19, which is why she was reported as having died “with” COVID-19.
    Obviously, the system that the state uses to report the number of COVID-related deaths has been in place since the pandemic began. But like many North Dakotans, I wish that the death information would be more specific.
    For example, as of Monday, Aug. 3, the North Dakota Health Department’s website indicates that 105 state residents have tested positive and died from any cause while infected with the virus, while 91 of those had COVID-19 died as stated on the official death record. Included in the 105 tally is another 10, whose deaths list something other than COVID as the official cause of death. And another four  who died, but did not have a positive test result, were presumed to be positive by a health care provider based on symptoms and/or exposure.
    If, as we suspect, we are going to have to live with the coronavirus for years to come, it is important that we truly understand just how dangerous the virus is to the general public. But right now, there are many North Dakotans who are questioning the number of deaths that are being linked to COVID-19.

    bingo! i brought this up a week or so ago about cdc numbers....why are we using the term "with" instead of "of"...is burgrum a rhino or just scared to stop this damn madness!!

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  5. kelly howe was wondering why if your season is canceled why are you still practicing...could someone at the heraldo go ask bubba if the  3 reasons why he points are true and if so is that the end game?

  6. 3 minutes ago, SiouxScore said:

    I've hear first round but who says first pick? Trevor Lawrence has been the consensus number one from basically everybody for over a year now. Lance isn't even the 2nd QB for most scouts, that would be Justin Fields. 

    i think his name is lakesbison...

  7. 1 minute ago, Hayduke1 said:

    Well, you need to learn history a little better.  Its pretty obvious that a real honest look at the past is needed.  Especially for "normal" people. 

    some people absolutely love living in the past...i'm sure your one of them...betcha some of your "friends" call you uncle rico behind your back.

  8. 25 minutes ago, mikejm said:

    Name an assumption.

    I can update my physical address online.

    Y'all realize 32 of North Dakota's 53 counties have been voting by mail for several years, right?

    By the way, 72% of eligible Colorado voters cast ballots in the last presidential election. North Dakota barely hit 60%. 

    u also must know that north dakota is kinda normal when it comes to things and left-wing commy cities/state are 100% opposite...u know this right?

    remember in it's when you live in CHICAGO not Carrington where you "vote early...and vote often."


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  9. 46 minutes ago, Sioux>Bison said:

    Is he really as good as Wentz, asking seriously?

    wentz was a physical freak...big tall fast accurate....couldn't stay healthy in high school, college, or the nfl

    trey...to be determined but he is as good as my bison friends were saying tho....he has all the tools himself. first pick don't think so but if he keeps progressing he will be picked very high imo

  10. 1 minute ago, Sioux>Bison said:

    Bison supposedly tried to schedule FBS games and they are not paying much but why would they payout a lot if they are not making money off attendance?

    that's kinda why i said "some" money...you would think that TV revenue would go for more with not fans allowed...but a fun game against UTEP on a hot sunny saturday afternoon in el paso on tv would be fine with me anda lot of miners and hawks fans.

  11. 1 minute ago, Sioux>Bison said:

    I don’t think he would transfer for this year but if it’s a wasted season why not take it off and transfer or I guess get ready for draft, but outside of the Bison lap dogs is there anyone who thinks he is a first round pick? 

    they are saying not only first round.....but first pick!

  12. 13 hours ago, mikejm said:

    My Colorado ballot is automatically mailed to my address of record. It will be mailed to that address until I notify Colorado of an address change. 

    I vote, sign the ballot and drop it in the mail or at a secure collection site. If the signature doesn’t match what’s on file with the State of Colorado, the ballot, and the vote is invalidated.

    it is the system that ought to be adopted nationally, but it won’t be because it was enacted by a ‘bunch of liberal treehuggers’

    lots of assumptions going on there...lots.

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