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  1. 10 hours ago, SiouxSoccer123 said:

    Early January someone started a fake twitter account titled @talkundsports. The account was created discuss UND sports but ended up being an attack on head soccer coach Chris Logan and demand that he get fired for treating players unfairly etc... The person responsible who created the account: hockey player Jasper Weatherby. Weatherby took down the account after being called out tonight. Campus police apparently involved now. Very interested to see how Berry and Chaves handle this. Jasper literally tired to get Logan fired and destroy his career.  



    Attacked? This goes on around here all the time. #hesinthepubliceye

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  2. 11 hours ago, petey23 said:

    In looking at our D Men this year I have noticed that Frisch has been quite a bit better and more reliable when filling in for a right handed defensemen as opposed to playing on his opposite side. When he was in for Bast he was confident and we really didn't miss a beat. When he has been on the other side filling in for Tychonick he has had a few hiccups.

    Looking at who we have and who we are losing



    Kierstad--junior....possible flight risk






    JBD-soph.....possible flight risk


    Sanderson and Kleven are both lefthanders and there is a decent chance we lose our top two left handed defensemen after this season.

    We lose Peski on the right side and a possibility of JBD but I am going to guess he stays. if Kierstad leaves we bring in Miller who is righthanded.


    That is why I think our d will look like this next season if Kierstad leaves.

    Tychonick, Sanderson, and Kleven on the left side with Rieger providing depth.

    JBD, Bast,and Frisch on the right side and Miller in the mix.



    Rieger is a righty.

  3. 2 minutes ago, mattim said:

    It is a god problem for the coaching staff to have. No matter what they have to sit one or two excellent defensemen, Johnny may play tomorrow and Frisch may sit! They must have decided they need an extra forward more than an extra D and Casey can play heavy which might also be needed. It is a series where an injury or ejection could happen and it’s easier to play five D then to play short up front.

    I'm not sure it's between 15 & 17....right now I think the sixth spot is between 2 & 17

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  4. 8 minutes ago, as15 said:

    Bast is a proven commodity, Peski has played himself into the clear cut #4 on this team (in my opinion), and how do you take Frisch out with how steady he has been lately?

    Frisch is playing on his offside tonight with Bast, we shall see how that it affects his play.

    Frisch played on the left side last Friday too....

  5. 11 hours ago, Prison_Mike said:

    Not to be outdone by the Minnesota Twins losing the most consecutive playoff games in a row last fall, the Vikings now have the most playoff losses in NFL history. Not bad for a team that entered the league in 1961. #skol

    True.....buy they still have the MM trophy#skol




  6. 1 hour ago, burd said:


    It's always been clear he has a lot of skill, but it took a while for that to start paying off, as it did with Kawaguchi.    But he's really coming on this year.   Seeing that slow bloom and the manner in which he takes penalties, it makes me wonder if he is just maybe doesn't have a lot of on-ice intelligence.   Pure speculation on my part and probably not very responsible speculation at that. 

    Stay in your lane bro

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