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  1. I will be in attendance tonight .  The lineups will be interesting as league standings are locked for these two.  Dare I ask, but can UND afford to lose this one?  I know that is not the mentality permeating through the locker room on Senior Night, but with hosting the NCHC Tournament followed by NCAAs you don’t want losses obviously.

    I think back to the 2011 team (still the one that stings the most for me) who didn’t lose for something like two months...until they did. 

    Omaha could use this quality win against #1 to state their case for NCAAs - two wins over UND would look nice even though North Dakota had dominated them in the standings. 

    Speaking of Senior Night, will the boys break out the black jerseys at home?


  2. I absolutely LOVE listening to hockey on the radio.  TH is terrific as always and heck, I can even tolerate Wally Shaver call a Gopher game. 

    Right now, winding down the work week with some BU hockey and Bernie Corbett.  Close your eyes and you can almost taste the clam chowdah. 

  3. College Hockey News Top 16 remains relatively unchanged - no love for Army despite their hot streak.  But I get it, i wouldn't put two teams in the field from that conference.  

    Here is this week's projection - based on the bus vs. plane mentality that the NCAA seems to really be standing behind, likely resulting in some west teams staying west and east teams staying east.  Conference matchups are often avoided but that may not be feasible this year as bracket integrity also needs to factor in.  Expect some hot takes on March 20th. 

    Midwest (Fargo)   North Dakota (1) vs. American International / St. Cloud St. vs. Minnesota-Duluth

    West (Loveland)  Minnesota (2) vs. Clarkson / Michigan vs. Omaha 

    Northeast (Albany)   Minnesota St. (4) vs. Bowling Green / Wisconsin vs. UMass

    East (Bridgeport)  Boston College (3) vs. UConn / Boston vs. Quinnipiac 


  4. 9 minutes ago, Blackheart said:

    UND’s band had been playing at the recent home games.  Was it determined that they would give us too much of an advantage if they played Stand Up and Cheer during the playoff pod?  Wtf?

    Not sure, guessing Spring Break/No Students plus maybe someone considered them 'non-essential'? 

    That, or 'In Heaven There is No Beer' is hostile and abusive. 

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  5. Also heard no band at Frozen Faceoff (or cheer teams for that matter). 

    Not a deal breaker but they add a ton of atmosphere to a building that is fairly empty. 

    Thinking back to old WCHA Final Five - Michigan Tech's band was entertaining as hell.  Even though their team rarely played those weekends! 

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  6. USCHO.com weekly podcast today had NCAA Men's Ice Hockey Committee Chair Mike Kemp on for an interview today. 

    *NCAA Hockey regional sites and dates remain as scheduled - Pittsburgh still hosting Frozen Four

    *Hopeful fans are allowed - up to 25% capacity  (local jurisdictions my cause adjustments) - this includes Pittsburgh Frozen Four  (that would be about 4,500 to 5,000 fans) 

    *4th Regional site will be named soon, within "days" - will remain out east

    *Selection criteria/ specifics to be shared within "days" 

    *If possible, bussing to locales for Regionals will be ideal but not required.  Mentioned that Loveland Regional (especially with DU, CC, Air Force not looking good for auto-bid) will require flights for all who participate there.  

    *One team per conference will get auto-bid (either reg. season champ or tournament champ - that is up to each conference)

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  7. Tickets flyin' off the shelf (well, relatively speaking) as season ticket holders/Champions Club has first crack at it. 

    Sections 110, 111 are blocked off as are 301 and 315 (as they have been for regular season games)

    Fargo Regionals are a staple for me when UND hosts and since this year looks doubtful (for fans, anyway), this refurbished Frozen Faceoff is going to be a March highlight - I'm hoping to get to all the games. 

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  8. New College Hockey News Power 16 Rankings


    Forecast for Regionals: 

    Midwest:  North Dakota (1) vs. American Int'l   /  Michigan (6) vs. Minnesota-Duluth

    West:  Minnesota (2) vs. Clarkson / St. Cloud State (7) vs. Quinnipiac

    N'East: Boston College (3) vs. Bowling Green / Boston (8) vs. Omaha

    East: Wisconsin (4) vs. UConn / Minnesota St. (5) vs. UMass


    Still waiting for more from NCAA re: Worchester replacement - have to think the delay strongly suggests a change to regional sites or sending all 16 to Pittsburgh.  The Penguins are on the road March 29-April 11. 


  9. Parrots Cay vs Cherry Cricket

    DU is in town for a February series - if that isn’t enough to get the blood boiling, why are we even here?

    This is a pair of talented teams going head to head this weekend - on paper, the two most talented probably even though the records don’t indicate that.

    DU is a hungry team and even though they have four left with CC, it may be too little, too late for them to make it to NCAAs unless they can earn some points this weekend at The Ralph.

    When UNO won in OT last weekend I took that as a bad sign as Denver will really want to prove a point when they get to Grand Forks. Then again, UND comes off a week’s rest and starts a string of up to 7 of next 8 games in Grand Forks.

    My gut tells me a tie, or maybe 4 points for UND:

    3-1 UND Friday

    3-2 DU (OT) Saturday  

  10. College Hockey News Power 16 Updated: 

    1) North Dakota

    2) Boston College

    3) Minnesota

    4) Wisconsin

    5) Minnesota State

    6) Minnesota-Duluth

    7) St. Cloud State

    8) Michigan

    9) Omaha

    10) Quinnipiac

    11) Boston University

    12) Bowling Green

    13) Massachusetts

    14) Connecticut

    15) Bemidji State

    16) Clarkson 


  11. I took my daughters (non-hockey players but big fans) to a women's game when the twins were on the team.  We sat right behind the UND bench and the camaraderie on the team was really strong. Looking back on it, I'm really glad we had that opportunity.  This was a special window of time in UND athletics and years from now, we will still see their influence at play in this region. 

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  12. 18 minutes ago, Siouxperfan7 said:

    Of the next potential 11 games, UND would be in the state of ND for 10 of them.  (5 regular season games at the Ralph, 3 NCHC playoff games at the Ralph, 2 games at the Scheels Center in Fargo, and just one regular season game at Omaha.  Pretty smooth road to Pittsburgh!!

    I hope you are right - absolutely nothing to base it on but I'm still skeptical that NCAA Regionals will be a thing.  So many other sports like Men's Hoops and Volleyball are hosting super tournaments.  The fact that they haven't replaced the fourth regional site makes me wonder.  Or, they could just be waiting to see how things develop. 

  13. 46 minutes ago, petey23 said:

    NCHC Tournament in Grand Forks.

    March 12--1 vs. 8 and 2 vs. 7

    March 13---3 vs. 6 and 4 vs. 5


    March 15--semi finals

    March 16--championship

    Dare to dream that they have a weekend package for sale - if tickets are available that March 15th Semifinal Day would be a very fun day at The Ralph. 

  14. 23 minutes ago, The Sicatoka said:

    BU has time to get to 13 games. Day ain't over yet. 

    And Hockey East is scheduling as they go along.  So I have to think they will find some "extra" games for them to get in before the Hockey East Tournament, especially if they are sitting on 11 or 12 games. 

  15. I'm going by the CHN Top 16 power rankings, which I really think are close to what the committee will do (applying strengths of leagues/eye-test, etc.).  I also think they will try to regionalize when they can to keep travel in mind.  Not "pure" but what is in 2020/2021?  This means absolutely nothing but it's a bit fun to see where things might play out...


    Minnesota vs American International

    Wisconsin vs. Minnesota-Duluth



    North Dakota vs. Bemidji State

    Bowling Green vs. Omaha



    Boston College vs. Clarkson

    Minnesota St vs. Quinnipiac



    Michigan vs. U-Mass

    St. Cloud St. vs Boston U

  16. Why not this logo?  It is vintage from the late 50’s/60s, and you see it on a lot of locker room apparel.

    Additionally, we really liked the GameDay experience last night at The Ralph.  Those who were there made it count.  Good celebrations and the band and students added to the atmosphere. Also great to hear the coaches chirp at officials.  I will be back for another home game this season if everything works out. 


  17. Plenty of 'great seats' available - secured a pair for Sunday Night's game (NFL Playoffs Shmayoffs).   Since my season tickets seats are upper deck (personal preference), I went with top row upper deck (302, I think) to save a little vs lower bowl with fees for J.P. Ticketmaster. 

    No one to our left or right or the row ahead or behind me.  I don't mind paying the premium price and the atmosphere will be lacking but if this is going to be a Championship team, I'd like to see them play. 

  18. I am not one to ladle on the excuses but let’s be mindful that it is getting close to late January and the boys haven’t had a home game.  Road fatigue can be a factor.  I know this is the scenario and reality of 2021 and every team has to overcome it, but this nomadic lifestyle poses a challenge.  

    Next weekend’s return to the ice at The Ralph, with some fans in the building could prove to be the salve 

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