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  1. They are not in the WCCHA, which is DIV II. Have been told it costs $3000 to join and they have to be in their 3rd year before they are eligible.  I think the ACHA has them as a DIV II team. They have held their own since they are 10 and 1 and have been playing WCCHA teams (Wisc, Duluth, NDSU, Mankato, Bemidj, Goofers)

  2. October 10 GOOPHERS 7:45 Eagles Arena

    October 11 GOOPHERS 12:00 REA Olympic


    October 31/Nov 1 @ Wisconsin

    November 7 Mankato 7:00 VFW East Grand Forks

    November 8 Mankato 12:45 REA Olympic

    November 14/15 @ Duluth

    November 21 @ Bemidji

    November 22 Bemidji 11:00 Gambucci

    November 23 Bottineau 1:30 Purpur


    Will post more later

  3. I have not had the time yet to verify if the scalping law was enacted or not, but I'm pretty sure it was.


    What aren't you getting? If scalping is illegal, then you are doing something illegal, nothing different than selling crack. It might not be morally as wrong as other illegal things, but nontheless illegal.


    What part did you miss? Here is a cut from it.

    SECTION 1. A new section to chapter 51-07 of the North Dakota Century Code is

    created and enacted as follows:

    Ticket scalping - Penalty.

    1. As used in this section, "event" means a theater performance or show, circus,

    athletic contest, or other entertainment or amusement to which the general public

    is admitted.

    2. A person who intentionally does any of the following is guilty of a class A


    a. Issues or sells tickets to an event without printing on the tickets in a

    conspicuous place the price of the ticket and the seat number, if any;

    b. Charges for admission to an event at a price greater than that advertised or

    stated on the tickets issued for the event;

    c. Sells or offers to sell a ticket to an event at a price greater than that charged

    at the place of admission or printed on the ticket;

    Notice 2c, if it was enacted as law then there is no more arguing!!!

    You can view it as right or wrong by your standards or as simple capitalism but it is illegal.

  4. Beebsb010 & Gopherz,

    The difference is, "scalping" is illegal in ND.

    So by you're way of thinking, let's say you're a crackhead, I offer you some crack for $20, since you know the price before hand and are willing to pay that price, I am doing nothing wrong in selling it to you!!

    Don't get me wrong, I'm a capitalist to the core, but scalping is an illegal activity.

    End of story!!!

  5. "Top 10 Frazee Excuses"

    1. Didn't think Bina could shoot that far.

    2. Was screened by Lamoureux.

    3. Thought the defenseman waived me off.

    4. Didn't have time to react.

    5. My skate was untied.

    6. Hey, I'm just the backup goalie.

    7. Campion was supposed to call a penalty.

    8. Someone put vodka in my water bottle.

    9. Not cool to use whole body to block shot.

    10. No one can bend it like Bina.

    #2 is my favorite.

  6. Sorry, that's what my son told me on the phone. When I got home, upon further investigation, he was talking about the speed of their WRIST SHOT. I agree with REDNEKSIOUX's math, but that also includes a few corners and the 1500 is not a sprint, I bet 40-45 is realistic for a sprint.

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