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  1. 14 minutes ago, geaux_sioux said:

    That is a lot of conjecture. I personally think we will see Quincy playing on Sundays.

    No kidding. Bubba saying that Brock would be used more at QB doesn't mean he's getting into every series. Just might mean he's getting more reps.

    From that, there is NO real evidence to support the conjecture that Q is going to move off QB?

  2. 1 hour ago, Mama Sue said:

    I like this idea..... worth the drive.  Fall looks more and more dismal.

    This is the major positive ramification of Coved.

    The NCAA is done. It hasn't done squat for athletes, it's a money grab and frankly, the schools can do without it. Yep there will be more recruiting violations, but the NCAA lost it's respect in that regard years ago when Cam Newton's dad was peddling him as a free agent and the NCAA did nothing about it.

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  3. 1 hour ago, stoneySIOUX said:

    Obviously he was helped majorly by his linemates, but people often forget that Dunc could flat out beat a goalie from all over the ice. He was a helluva player.

    The fact his linemates are incredible NHL players REALLY, REALLY helped him get into those positions for those shots. Goalies had to sh&t themselves knowing Oshie and Toews were bearing down on them.

  4. 5 hours ago, UND Fan said:

    Jeremy Jenkins is also looking to transfer.

    I recall the first time I saw him get off the bus with the team before a game. He's a giant. I only knew it was him as he went to a family member and he had a Jenkins shirt. 

  5. Just now, InHeavenThereIsNoBeer said:

    I think he'll be a huge asset to UNO, explosive player that can put the puck in the net but can get exposed a little defensively. Reminded me of a poor man's Chay Genoway, which feels weird to type since JT was drafted 2nd round.

    That's a good comp. Also agree, he will be a huge asset for UNO!

  6. Just now, stoneySIOUX said:

    Definitely. Jonny wants top 2 pairing minutes and that is no where near certain. 

    And I thought there were times that he deserved top 2 pairings. I understand the wealth of DMen coming in and the decision he made.

  7. 8 hours ago, stoneySIOUX said:


    Kierstad, JBD, Sanderson, Frisch, Bast, Kleven, Moore, Reiger... That's a loaded back end. He definitely saw he'd be battling for ice and that's a tough spot for a junior second round pick.

    I wish him the best. Seems like a great kid. Very happy it's Omaha and not UMD or DU.


    I met him at the annual golf tourney. Very mature kid, well spoken. Had seen his interview on draft day too. Impressed. 

    That IS a loaded back end! Even if Moore and Reiger aren't great coming in, there's still 6 studs going out there. Nice issue to have.

  8. I think she's gonna be very good based on the thoughts posted by others above.

    I don't understand the overwhelming desire by some to always seek someone other than a coach within the system. It's like the shiny new toy from outside is always the ONLY option. I know it's worked in the Men's BB program, but to deny Mallory a shot just because she's in the UND system is not logical. 

  9. Games at the old arena from 1982-86. We'd do buck pitchers on Friday, hit the cafeteria, load up on schnapps minis and anything else that fit into our pocket and walk from Walsh (first 2 years anyway) and get in line. They had a line that immediately dissolved to anarchy as soon as the doors opened and everyone made a mad dash to the door like it was the Friday after Thanksgiving when people go crazy for a cheap TVs at Walmart or today when lunatics are shopping for toilet paper.

    So fun. 

    Can NOT remember many of the games though the team was damn good then. Patrick, Jensen, Casey,  and I'm blanking on the D man who had a nice career for St Louis, Archie and I really liked watching Dean Dachyshyn even in the cafeteria as he always looked ready for a fight. Plus 2 lawyer colleagues, Bredahl and Howard.

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