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  1. 2 hours ago, Hawkster said:

    Quoting for truth.     It can't be said enough, Bubba simply can't recruit.   I'm not sure anyone on this staff can recruit for that matter.

    Not sure where the '14s fall in, some may be Muss, some may be Bubba. But after '14, its all the current staff. Uh oh, a couple All-Americans in there. But why mess up a good post with facts?



    QB Keaton Studsrud

    TE Luke Fiedler

    OL/DL Austin Cieslak

    DE Brandon Dranka

    DE Drew Greely

    LB Dylan Bakker

    CB Deion Harris

    PK Reid Tauberheim

    WR Luke Stanley



    RB Brady Oliviera

    WR John Santiago

    OG Patric Rooney

    OT Bryce Blair

    DL Steve Greer

    OLB Mason Bennett

    OLB Jade Lawrence

    S Zach Arnell

    S Jawon Johnson



    WR Travis Toivonen

    WR Noah Wanzek

    TE Alex Cloyd

    OC Nathan Nguon,

    OG Ryan Tobin

    LB Jaxson Turner, 

    S Jordan Canady

    CB Evan Holm


  2. 11 minutes ago, Oxbow6 said:

    Five straight road games giving up 30+.

    Just saying.......

    If you have a problem with Coach Schmidt, I'm sure he'd be happy to discuss things with you at his office at Memorial. Oh right, you'd have to give up anonymity and actually face the person you're blasting. Not your style is it?

  3. 10 minutes ago, Oxbow6 said:

    .....and Kett is a captain, correct?

    Yup, 21 years old.  A lot to learn. And yet, you hold yourself out publicly as a "man of faith," but on here, anonymously, you trash everyone and everything. You too have a lot to learn Doc.

  4. 3 hours ago, Frozen4sioux said:

    Just completely and totally missed the point, like it went right over your head.

    Cant have it both ways ... either the logo matters to a student athlete or it doesnt.

    The anti crowd has repeatedly made the point that the logo doesnt matter to student athletes and doesnt have an effect of performance .... Now that same crowd is saying its effecting the athletes ability to perform and hurting their feelings. 

    That has nothing to do with "if these athletes" have a connection to either or..

    The post is calling out the BS wishy washy waffling flip flop arguments... not this this one but all the others as well.

    Then you go and dredge up a "Hockey vs. all " argument? That had nothing to do with the topic,  but DID prove my point from a previous post quite exactly. 

    Nobody has said anything about hurt feelings,  etc. There is no reasoning with the unreasonable,  no rationalizing with the irrational.  You have proven to be both whenever this issue is discussed. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Rebel_Sioux said:

    Two things:

    1. Perhaps one of the few good things Kelley did was hold a contest. It got a lot of people interested and invested in the process. The committee however, failed him by eliminating any truly unique name far before the voting process and by Schafer's horrendous handling of the logo.

    2. I suspect your perception of NDSUs popularity might be tainted by living in Fargo. 

    1. Nope 

    2. Nope 


  6. 28 minutes ago, stoneySIOUX said:

    "Stepped into the vacuum of our in-fighting" ... Is there any proof of this? Like, even a shred?

    This feels so overblown. You're acting like it's the 60s and UND is segregated by logo. 

    What I see... People don't like the logo, but are still supporting UND. 

    Not doing any of what you are saying. Disclosed the hyperbole (saying this is a logo, perspective) It's an analogy Clyde. How in the hell have I demonized anyone? Proof of NDSU dominating marketing? Look around fella. How you can't see that is beyond me. You can hate the logo. But when you use the logo to continually create division, that's something different. There's "omission," I HATE THE LOGO AND I WON'T BUY IT. Ok, fine. Then there's "commission." I HATE THE LOGO, I'M GOING TO TELL EVERYONE I KNOW I HATE THE LOGO, THEN I'M GOING TO MOCK EVERYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH THE LOGO, MAKES ME FEEL GOOD. How does the latter help anything?

    Here's overblown: some of you simply have to die. Then the rest of us can start rebuilding pride in our University's Athletic Dept. (I am, of course exaggerating and do not wish death upon anyone, particularly Sioux/Hawk fans) :) Last post. Can't push that rock uphill any longer. Best wishes.

  7. 4 hours ago, Blackheart said:

    I'm a Sioux forever guy so I'll never accept the Hawk logo...I get it; it's the first thing picked after the best logo ever.  I would buy Moose apparel now; it seems like a good fit and wasn't jammed down our throats.  End of rant. ;)

    Nothing personal.  But there's  my point. What you said represents what I was saying.  "Forever " and "never " are awfully long times. 

    Not sure what the face is, but I  get your frustration 

    "Rammed down our throats."  Very flawed replacement process,  but how in the hell was it rammed down anyone's throat. Anytime we don't like the change or the time frame for change, for whatever reason,  its "rammed down our throats. "

    Anyway,  it's great that we respect and celebrate the past. Dacotah Legacy series encourages it and does it well. There will always be new Fighting Sioux gear thanks to the strange hypocrisy of the NCAA.

    But at the same time,  I believe  its unproductive to hang onto too much of the "pain of the past." (Note I said "I believe.") My belief. I  live in the present,  because the pain(s) of the past, experienced collectively,  is too much.

    That's a bit deep for a mascot/logo discussion,  but in many ways it applies to our situation. Fighting Sioux meant and means a lot to many of us. It meant and means so much to me. There was something more to it than a lion, a gopher, a hawk. Pride, honor,  resolve, courage. 

    So, what do we do from here? Continue in-fighting while our friends in Fargo dominate marketing and fan support in our region?  (Nattys YES but its not the only reason. They have stepped into the vacuum created by our in-fighting.) Or, try to find some place of common ground, come together and fight. (Relatively speaking)

    Some of you will continue to publicly ridicule and rant. What end does that accomplish?

    Mock if you must, but I'd prefer the unified fight. Make Sports Fun Again. 

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  8. Some people are destined to be perpetually pissed off. Nothing I say will make them more or less pissed off. That's just who they are.

    I contend there is a fraction who would have "hated" any attempt to replace the Sioux mascot/ logo. Not all, not even a majority,  but a fraction.  And I  believe that fraction is often over-represented on siouxsports. It is often displayed here. No denying that.

    There is very little rationale to their disdain.  "I hate it." Or mocking ridicule. Post Office. Burlington Northern.  To deny this disdain originates in the NCAA ruling, is ludicrous. 

    Often in life, it isn't about what happens to you,  but how you react to it.  The reaction of many on this board does not indicate an ability or willingness to adapt. It's scary. Thank God it's just sports. 

  9. 3 minutes ago, und1995 said:

    What would have been acceptable was to remain as North Dakota and last time take its course and eventually a new nickname adopted. Not to force a nickname no one wanted and a logo the majority of people do not like. 

    Not ideal for marketing.  And additionally the controversy would have been discussed every time a broadcaster or writer would say, "North Dakota is the only NCAA school without a nickname...." Mistake by Kelly to run a "CONTEST ". That's for middle schools not universities.  Should have been undertaken as a University branding  initiative.  Make something positive out of all the negative surrounding the inconsistencies of the NCAA and all the bitterness that resulted. Instead,  we got a contest winner.  'Tis what 'tis. Still doesn't  justify the petulance of many which only serves to further divide. Our student-athletes don't  deserve the wrath of those who refuse to adapt. While we fight over mascots and logos, NDSU has moved ahead in the hearts of the region's fans. Yup, winning national championships helps, but so does a divided, petulant fan base. There will be apologists on here who rip me for saying this,  but I  live in the Fargo area.  They love our on-going mascot/logo fight. Hell, they'd pay to create even more division if they could.  So, just keep being the antagonists that you are. Hate the Hawk and all that it stands for. "Take my Fighting Sioux from my cold dead hands. " While the rest of the state flies its Bison flags.

  10. 30 minutes ago, stoneySIOUX said:

    I've said this so many times, telling people what to do simply won't work. Nearly all of those who don't like the logo don't have any illusion that the Sioux logo is coming back. They just don't like the logo. Telling someone to "grasp reality and move on" is such a waste of breath. 

    I get the part of, "Telling people how to feel..." Not my intention,  but can understand how I am coming off that way. I still don't  believe anything would  have been an acceptable replacement for those hell-bent on tearing down anything associated with the new mascot or logo. Ok, then what is  the alternative to our reality? Swear at the moon, gnash your teeth,  and lash out at any replacement til the day you die. Doesn't seem to me a more reasonable approach.  I will accept the present and hopefully enjoy a happier UND Athletics existence. 

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  11. Divorced 15 years ago. Remarried 10 years ago. Do I miss some things about my first wife. Hell yes. Do I dwell on it. No. Because its over and I have a new person to be concerned with. Some posters on here refuse to admit reality. Hey, we got screwed. S*&^ happens. NCAA rules. Their ball. To sit and dwell on and denigrate everything that has anything to do with the new mascot, logo, swag, etc. has very little to do with how it looks but the attitude of the viewer.

    The new logo could have been a naked Pamela Anderson from back in the day and you'd still bitch. 

    Find a way to move forward. It ain't coming back. You don't have to love it, but its some of you are just simply unrealistic about the new anything. "They only wear it because there's nothing else." "They hate it, so they wear it ironically." NOOOOOO. Most have realized we're 7 years removed from a decision that was 40+ years in the making. Don't have to like it...but at least try to accept reality. Maybe you'll be happier...not sure with some of you.

    And if that doesn't work, grab Thelma and scoot off the cliff. For Christ's sake make an adjustment to the new reality. 121 pages of this s&^* is enough.

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  12. 50 minutes ago, Frozen4sioux said:

    I still hate the logo,

    but by my experiences of the surroundings of the football game last weekend, tailgaiting and post game activities, it is impossible to say acceptance is not gaining.

    I talked with some people specifically about it in the Champs club tent, and some students while tailgating, and it was a kind of an embarrassed admittance that they hated it but... meh its what we got so it is what they wear.

    That's sad, and very telling about the state of UND athletics fans and supporters.



    What you just said makes absolutely no sense.  Next time, have a point. 

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  13. 1 hour ago, SiouxVolley said:

    Per usual, a Bozoville fan fill the Kat fans with nonsense.

    Ah yes. lakesbison stealing credit cards,  threatening elected officials,  crying in court, and lying about his Bison baseball career since fan forums were invented....

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  14. 34 minutes ago, Kab said:

    So Dom Izo says we will go 4 and 7 and be looking for a new coach next year

    he has Fargo going 10 and 2

    Dom Izzo is part of the marketing dept at NDSU. See, stellar Brock Robbins reporting last January.  

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  15. I didn't think this forum could get any sillier.  Congrats gentlemen,  (you know who you are) you have proven me wrong.  The past 72 hours have been phenomenal. 

  16. 7 hours ago, UND-FB-FAN said:

    Want this to change?  I know I do.

    UND needs to win on September 7th in Fargo for change to happen. 

    UND winning head-to-head is the only way the tides will turn to at least even the playing field. Right now it is so lopsided it is not even funny.

    Right now, prospects just don't take the UND vs NDSU debate seriously when considering competing offers, nor should they. 


    Of course it will. Best way to make the case is to beat the Bison. UND has played the Bison once in their run. 34-9 in 2015. Lopsided is a good observation, but you do realize its been lopsided against most of the FCS field. 7 of 8 national titles. Never been done at any level of football. Not an excuse, but important to remember. Unprecedented. The proximity to Fargo can only be used for one argument: It can be done in North Dakota. The Bison have proven that.

    Also important to note that a football program has approximately 100 members at any given time. 63 full scholarship equivalents in FCS. There are a LOT of great football players out there. Yes, the Bison are getting who they want right now, but it doesn't mean they have EVERY game changer at EVERY position.

    Prospects DO take UND seriously. The only thing in your statement I disagree with. School DOES have role at times, but UND over NDSU on that is somewhat thin. (Sorry UND grads.) Biggest factor is head-to-head. From now until "whenever" UND v. NDSU will happen every year. Best scenario to change the dynamic.

    Tempting to view everything UND does with Bison glasses since they have become the standard. But that is dangerous as well. We all need to step back and remember the drought v. Bison in the 80's and 90's. Different time, different standard, but still relevant. It will not happen overnight, but a win v. Bison WILL happen. And the momentum it builds will feel great.


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  17. 11 hours ago, gundy1124 said:

    I like the analysis, fresh thought.  Does it mean anything......perhaps a little in that we seem a little snake bitten regardless of it's the 1st commit, last commit, JUCO, or latest FBS dud.  We've had tribal sweat tents, drug dealers, Canadian snow flakes, JUCO guys not even arriving in GF, depression, jonny jumpers, adderall, broken hearts missing girl friends, elevated number of injuries, pot smokers(pot more important than FB), etc.  We need to catch a frickin break and have that knock out recruiting class!!

    Welcome to the world of 18-22 year olds. Real life raises its ugly head. These guys are more than just jerseys on the field on Saturday performing for our enjoyment.

  18. 33 minutes ago, UNDBIZ said:

    Update to a list of our first commit each year under Bubba for future tracking:

    2014 - Ferguson   - Gone after 1 year
    2015 - Grady         - Gone after 1 year
    2016 - Secrest      - Never made it
    2017 - Larson       - Injury led to a RS year in 2017.  Was a solid contributor with 64 tackles in 11 games in 2018.  Will be a sophomore in 2019.
    2018 - Slater         - Never made it
    2019 - Lindeman - True freshman season coming up.  Assuming he will RS.
    2020 - Klein

    Humm. Are you confusing the NFL draft with college football recruiting? "First commit " does not mean highest talent, priority. Not sure what any of this means. Are you going to give us the history of the last commits too?

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  19. 28 minutes ago, nd1sufan said:

    Their strategy hasn't changed. They offer all the in-state kids they think can help them win. They don't offer kids they don't think can help them whether or not they have connections to the program or not. Bubba must think this is the greatest crop ND HS FB players the state has ever assembled with all of the in-state kids he has committed. 

    The lady doth protest too much, me thinks.

  20. Satter is a great kid  but PWO at either school.  (Because of position he plays) UND offers to force SU's hand on legacy recruit.  It's that simple. And how the game is played. Satter Family can thank UND. 

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  21. On 6/11/2019 at 2:27 PM, geaux_sioux said:

    How many screen passes did you count in their career? We’ve covered this topic pretty well on this board. John may have been drafted with Freund as OC. Instead he was asked to pound the A gap when the other team knew exactly what was coming. So, yea, squandered.

    Yes oh great NFP mind. Because the last time I checked, NFL offenses use screens like .001 percent of the time. Really hampered John's NFL career.

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